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Special Offers! by JangoStormer

Created 15 May 2014
  • Special Offers!

I would like to give special offers to: Sand Andrew Snakes Turtleman2002 Lightning Wolfbane2004 All of you guys, if you join the Silver Wolves today, you get a three rank jumpstart, and all you have to do to accept the offer is post your character with a bio! ]--[Now, what has been waited for, the bio form. I will now requir this form to be filled by all members. Name-Age-Gender-Specias-Homeworld-Weapons-Characteristics-Story-Physical Description Special message to Sand and G-nik: I would still like posters from both of you. I want to compare your posters, my poster, and Wolf's poster so I get the best from all of you. :D

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