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W.O.L.F Elites: Armed chapter 7 by batman5681

Created 25 Jun 2014
  • W.O.L.F Elites: Armed chapter 7

Soon only three enemy ships were not destroyed. Those three quickly surrendered to the might of fifteen AF capital ships. I had received word from Carter Fett that the other half of the fleet had taken the last two systems. I ordered him to send his army to New Mandalore and he obeyed. By the end of the day we had 15,000 soldiers on New Mandalore, with 20,000 more to come. The EMC and BRM were in peril. Without their fleet they were sitting ducks. ------ I had boarded a cruiser which was over an ERST and EE camp. The ship was hidden in the clouds. Suddenly my holoprojector went off. A image of an ERST captain appeared. “Sir, we've spotted an enemy bomber approaching,” the captain reported. “Just wait,” I said, “Turn the energy shields on. Let's see what this one carries.” “Yes, sir!” the captain replied. The bomber dropped something onto the AF shield. It exploded in a massive ball of orange that engulfed the shield. Then missiles flew out of its remnants, cratering the landscape with horrific scars. Somehow the shield held. “What in the galaxy was that!?!” I asked, and then added, “Shoot down that bomber!” The laser cannons fired and within seconds the bomber had crashed and exploded. Kendrick approached me. “My spies report it was experimental weapon they designed, called the V-10 Electo-Proton bomb. It can destroy an entire city,” Kendrick reported. “Who was it designed by?” I asked. “Corporal Vizzen,” Kendrick replied. “Good,” I said, “I'll dispatch a team of W.O.L.F Elites to capture him.” The Elites did capture him, but they also did more than that. They set off the last prototypes of the bomb in the capital by planting detonators on them and by ray shielding the area around the Corporal's weapons testing lab. By the time the bombs went off the team had escaped. The ray shield had been able to hold against the bombs' catastrophic power and kept most of the New Mandalore capital safe from harm. But the area which the shield covered had been destroyed. This was a blow to the enemy's morale. Now they knew that they weren't safe even in their own capital. The time to take the capital had come.

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