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Captured - RP Ep.1 by B0802

Created 14 Aug 2014
  • Captured - RP Ep.1

(RP After Defense of Naboo) I was tired the night I was walking back to my hotel room. After defending Naboo from Imperials I looked forward to some sleep. And food. Pizza, some soda, all kinds of good stuff. I was a block away from the hotel when I realized someone was following. I kept walking. When I got to the hotel I kept going. I kept going until I neared a EMC recruiting office, which led to an underground base. I stopped, and faster then my opponent , unsheathed my sword, Titan. As I suspected, it was indeed a follower. "Who are you?" I asked. "I am merely a spy. You will come with us," he said. And on queue, three more black Mandalorians leaped down from the roofs above. I was surrounded. I noted that on each of their shoulder pads was a symbol. The symbol of a group I long feared. A group, called the Black Lotus. []=[]=[]=[] So how did you guys like it? I'd like to ask Andrew if it is okay to include him in this RP series. My idea is that as Stormer walks home after the defense of Naboo, (See Max's creation for info) he is captured by a group called the Black Lotus, whom Stormer stole very important intel from for a job. The person who wanted the info was defeated, and Stormer never deleted the information of his helmet HUD. But the helmet the intel is on is on the very helmet that Wolf Surge has now. So basically, this is more of a role playing thing for the AFs (Preferably the WOLF Elites) since the GAM has one already. Don't worry, I am still going to help in the defense of Naboo, but I wanted the AFs to have something to do and such. The GAM will not be in this story, so don't get upset, Max. Anyways, hope you guys like this!!

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