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Scratch is here! by Legogeek2299

Created 31 Mar 2014
  • Scratch is here!

My company is finally here! Scratch; "We build to last!" Here's an ad for my company. I sell custom weapons, droids, equipment, and other junk I fix up. Right now the only thing I have up for sale is the ST 99. It is up for 20,000 credits. Yeah, a real bummer. But, if you are a BRm member you can get it for 1,000 credits. I sell to anybody, BRM, EMC, any club you name. I'm going to put out more stuff soon. Scratch is kind of a hidden company, so I will tell you where I am at. I am at Coruscant, at one of the lower levels. Look for the dinerish shaped building, that's Scratch! Well, got to go! See ya!

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