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Part 9 TNA. by Legoking5500

Created 05 Sep 2013
  • Part 9 TNA.

There was a huge AT RT coming towards them and it stepped on R2 and C3PO. "NO!!" shouted Luke. "seriously dad?" said cody. "couldn't you say something else?" Then Cody turned and took out his light saber and smashed it threw one of the AT-RT's legs. it collapsed. "That was to easy." said Cam. "now to find a space ship." They looked around and saw a clone head peeking over a rock. Cam walked towards it and the clone ran away. Cam chased it and cody followed. They ran towards the clone base. There was a Large X-wing. "Jackpot!" said Cam. and they ran back. They got back and told the others what they found. they all ran back and the clones grabbed them. they did their best to get away then they broke free and jumped in the X-wing. they then flew away to where they thought Krydin was hiding. it was one of the moons near to where they lived. they flew and then they landed and sure enough the ship Krydin used was sitting right there. the landed and then they jumped out. they went in and... Last Part comes out soon!!!! :) -Legoking5500

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