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501st legion training #3 by BARCCommando

Created 21 Aug 2014
  • 501st legion training #3

(RP) "Commando's train, fight and die together. The bond formed between you guys will be a critical component in youre teams effectiveness on and off the battle field. You better learn each others weaknesses and strengths so you can work together in an effective way.(end of RP) Good job so far guys! Now each of you needs to do a post with a picture of youre RP character and a bio with youre RP character's name. The bio should include youre RP character's personality, specialty and maybe some prior experiences. You must do youre post by the day after tomorrow. Again make sure to use the tags 501stlegion and 501stct. If you have any questions just say so in the questions. FOR THE REPUBLIC! ~ BARC

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