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ATAR chapter 11 by SirKendrick

Created 04 Aug 2014
  • ATAR chapter 11

I HAZ RETURNED!!!!! Heres AS TOUGH AS ROCK CHAPTER 11!!! ~ The white Dathomirianlinged at Kendrick's throat but Kendrick Force pushed him back."Yield to me!" Kendrick commanded."I yield." the Dathomiran answered.Kendrick took him to his friends Bern, Jango Stormer,Jek 14,and Coolkid."Well I be!"Jek said I was hoping for Mando to reapear!" "Well,''Bern replied,"he'll be interrogated.Later-- "Whose Mado?!" He screamed."I KNOW NOTHING IT WAS JUST A JOB!!! "Getting any where with him?"Bern asked. "Nope." Coolkid answered, "If we keep it up we might."Kendrick tried us the Jedi mind trick one be continued................... Hope u like! PLEASE COMMENT! God Bless!~SirKendrick

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