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Created 05 Dec 2013

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Friends of old! And friends of new! To the first ever: CREATIONS REUNION! Hosted by yours truly, HH! Now, before we get into business, I must point out that: YES. I do look very cheesy in a tuxedo, but hey, at least I dressed up. :P Ok! Now, that we've cleared that up, I'd like to point out that there is free punch, and your welcome to have as much as you want! Another thing I'd like to take a moment to notice, is some people who helped bring this reunion about, without further introduction, please give a loud applause for: Chip! Cobb! Aryan! Rith! And Mgrif! [your applause goes here] Without them, I wouldn't be here today. So! Now down to business. (Prepare for speech) I would like to thank all of you for coming to this! And I'm so glad you could be here, please note that today (dec 5th) is only the beginning date, for this reunion. The first, (or more) days of this reunion will most likely be "hello!"'s from friend to friend. I know it's been TO LONG with some of you. And I hope it lasts a couple weeks to come. As I thought about this reunion, I realized how great it would be to make this a every-other-month thing. Or longer. With a different host each month. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated on the matter, I know all of you have lives(I do too) But i think it'll be really nice to get on and chat with some of your old friends:) More on that another time. I'd like to point out, that the people we invited consisted mostly of creators from the "Golden Age". And I was recently asked a question by a newer creator on whether or not they can attend. I said yes, they may not be able to get in on the voting we might do, but I think it'll be good for them to experience some of our old friendships:) And hey, they get free punch too:P Next, there isn't really any "guide lines" to this reunion, basically it's a simple talk page for us oldies:P But I would like to point out that this IS NOT a remorse page, I don't want to hear any "boy I wish the golden age was back", "times are worse then ever now that the fivesome is gone" etc… If you'd like more info why, visit my creation before this one. Some things that we WILL be talking about, I'm giving you guys a choice, you can only mingle with other creators and see how life is goin, OR you can mingle with other creators, AND talk about the future of creations. A little more on the second option, with the fivesome gone now, creations is kinda leaderless. And some issues have arose surrounding this problem, now, if your interested in this subject, by all means we would love to hear you opinion, if you not, ignore that part of the conversation. Some of us thought about making another group similar to the "fivesome" Some not. So! I think that raps everything up, if I did miss anything I'll announce it in the comments. So mingle with old friends! Share how life is! Maybe play a role play or two! And talk about how great the punch tastes! Why are you still reading this? COMMENT! Share in the festivities! And have a great time!-This reunions host, HH.

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