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TNA8B by Legoking5500

Created 03 Sep 2013
  • TNA8B

First off. TNA will only be two books so when I reach chapter ten of this it will be over... I hope you understand but I cant stretch it out to super long and boring. :( I am sorry. (but Curse Of The Future comes out in about a month so you cant be upset. :)) 8B. Cody listened to C3PO as he told them all about his wonderful meeting with R2. "well" C3PO said. "I had something come over me and I couldn't control myself. I tried as hard as Icould but I couldn't. Then you ran off and I ran after you. then droids chased me down and forced me into a huge sith shuttle where millions of droids were. they threw me into a cell and I hit the wall That made me snap out of what ever was controlling me. I ran to the main part of the ship and I grabbed the steering wheel. I then grabbed it and I Flewit down to where you were. I found R2 and we went to the clone base and......" he stopped in his tracks and pointed up. Cody looked and gasped. Hope you like it. Legoking5500 next one comes out Thursday.

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