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Chapter 2- Sean Falls. by agentsky1022

Created 03 Nov 2013
  • Chapter 2- Sean Falls.

Thanks to the fast moderation, chapter two and chapter one will be posted at the same time! Make sure to read Chapter 1 and the Preview first. (*) Sean, Backpack-carrying, mission-following and coordinate-discovering, found the spot where his GPS was taking him- X 982, Y 283, Z 832. (*) But all that was there was a deep hole. (*) “I wonder why the message led me here,” Sean muttered. He gave a quick glance behind him, seeing the tall tower of the white round enemy facility. On the side was imprinted YNIAL LIV. (*) What in the worlds did YNIAL LIV stand for? (*) Sean didn’t know, and wasn’t sure he wanted to know. (*) Turning back to the mystery of the hole, Sean studied the coordinates on the map again. (*) Once again, the message claimed that these were the coordinates. (*) “Weird,” Sean muttered, stepping forward. (*) He had misjudged the distance to the hole. One second he was stepping forward, the next moment he was tumbling down the hole. (*) Just as he fell in, two men ran up to grab his legs. They missed. (*) The YNIAL LIV scientist advanced to the hole with his guards. They looked down. The hole seemed to be endless. (*) The officer ran up to the scientist. “We were too late. Sean tumbled down the hole before the guards could grab him. (*) The scientist frowned. His men had intercepted the e-mail. Since they had made a copy of the message they were able to translate it and discover the coordinates. They had just arrived at the hole when Sean started tumbling down. (*) “Well, what are you waiting for?” The scientist asked. “Go get him!” (*) “In… there?” The officer asked, pointing to the hole. (*) “Do you see the boy anywhere else?” (*) “No sir, but that hole is-“ (*) The scientist slammed his hand down on the helmet of a nearby guard. “Get, that, BOY!” (*) The officer nodded hurriedly, and motioned to two guards to jump into the hole. They did. (*) “That boy will not escape us this time,” The scientist muttered.

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