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entry to LovesLegos02's contest! by Cimpan12

Created 19 Aug 2013
  • entry to LovesLegos02's contest!

Here is my entry! I hope you like it! Name:Astorina Felicina Homeworld:Naboo Type:Mercenary Personallity:Lay back, adventurous , friendly, talented in making droids. Astorina had lost her leg in a war so she has a mechanical one she invented that helps her run very fast. The dog next to her is actually a droid she designed to look like "the strange species, the dog" to attract people. The main point of it is to scan over people that look at the robot dog, when they look at him the dog scans them and finds out the persons occupation, whether force sensitive or not, and if he or she is friend or foe to Astorina. Well thats all I just wanted to tell you the point of the dog in the pic, i'll let you decide on Astorina's background story.:) God bless!- Jar-jar/Cimpan/Sky-guy

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