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Captured - RP P.3 by B0802

Created 14 Aug 2014
  • Captured - RP P.3

(RP) Oww...... my head hurt.... wait, I had no idea where I was. That was a problem. I opened my eyes. I was still in reality, because I remembered the Mandalorian in front of me. But this time his helmet was off. He had a slick black hair, brown eyes, and a very faded scar. He pointed to the scar and said, "See this, Stormer?" He said Stormer with disgust. "You gave this to me. When the building you broke into exploded, I almost lost my life. Luckily I have survived. The Black Lotus is much stronger then it was before. We are building an army. So far 142 have joined our cause. The knowledge of the whereabouts of many GAM bases have been acquired by the Black Lotus Inner Circle. We know where many GAM leaders are as well. Such as the great Darin Shi. We also know where that Allied Forces friend of yours is... Wolf Surge. But none of them matter. We know have your information. And even better? You." I knew this was bad after he said all of that. I realized I was tied to some sort of chair thing. "What is the code to your helmet?" he asked. "Why would I tell you?" I said. "Because if you do not, we will hunt down Wolf Surge and...... eliminate him from the field. "Fine. Let me down first." "Of course not." "Fine. 32684." I said. That was the true password. "You know, if it is wrong, you'll have to suffer the consequences," he said. "There isn't anything on the helmet," said one of the other Black Lotus soldiers. "Yeah. I just got that helmet. I use it, but its not my original armor. I have already sold my armor pieces to people all over the galaxy. The under suit and every separate plate. You'll never find it. I even erased all the memory from my original helmet." As soon as I said it I realized I was wrong. I had never erased the hidden files. They were still on the helmet. And then I realized something even worst. Wolf Surge had my helmet. He was in danger. And they were going to hunt him down anyway. When the found the helmet..... Mandalore would be doomed. []=[]=[]=[] So how did you like it? I need Andrew's permission to use his character in Role Play. Other then dat, I'll see you guys when I all see you guys!

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