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Captured RP Ep.2 by B0802

Created 14 Aug 2014
  • Captured RP Ep.2

(RP) "YOU!" I exclaimed with mixed feeling. Surprised, yes. Mad, heck yeah. "Yes, me. I am the one whom you STOLE from!" said the first spy. "I was paid a good amount of money for it, too. Figured I might as well snoop around and see why it was so important. But I don't have that info anymore. All though I remember enough of it to know you guys want to take over Mandalore!" I exclaimed again. The spy chuckled. "No. We do not plan on anything. We succeed. You know too much, and will be eliminated from the field for it. Come with us, or we'll have to end it here, now." "Why would you need me? I mean you have me cornered. Why not just do it here?" I asked. "Our leader wants you to confess." I decided that the conversation ended, so I said, "Yeah. Right." and swung my sword at his chest. But it simply bounced off his plating. "Cortosis weave armor, my friend," he said. But what I did next surprised him and myself. I jumped. The most impulsive, stupid thing to do. But I did. In mid air, my foot made contact with his helmet. Everything went into slow motion. His head tipped back, slowly, and he began to fall backwards. His comrades slowly turned toward him and me in astonishment. When I hit the ground time speed p again and I speed up, too. But more Black Lotus soldiers leaped from the rooftops above, and held me. One took off my helmet, and the other knocked me in the head with his fist. Everything went black. []=[]=[]=[] Hope you guys liked it! :D Another episode coming soon!

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