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Created 03 Aug 2014

Hello everyone! This is the first official meeting of the Grand Army of Mandalore!!! Members of the EMC, BRM, 501st and the ERST may participate only! I was originally going to call this meeting for a attack on bounty1313, but now that "problem" has been taken care of. So instead we are going to have a contest! Each and every member of the EMC, BRM, 501st and ERST will try to build the best weapon, ship and a picture of a battle. Each club will have miniature contests with the tag "gamcontest1a" to find their best LEGO builder. The best LEGO builder from each club will then participate in the finals called "gamcontest1b". Your entries for the first contest must be original and no copying is allowed! The creation with the most likes from each club will win the first contest. Once the first contest is over and the single best builder of each club is decided, I will announce the second contest. In the second contest, the creation made by the club winner with the most likes will win. The second contest creations must be different than your original contest creation. In the finals, only four people may compete. The winner of that contest will then be given the honor of being the best builder in the GAM (and of their club) and will be given the esteemed job of designing a fleet of New Mandalorian Battle Cruisers! This is for fun only. You do not have to participate if you don't want to. Have a good day and keep on building! The contest starts.....NOW!!!!!

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