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11 Aug 2014

Semi truck with palfinger crane mounted

I made this using mainly pieces from the 42024 rubbish truck set with the exception of a few worm gears & crane base turntable from the 42002 back hoe and the red fairing bits from the 42011 racecar, the crane boom is made from the rubbish skip and the two stage gearbox I have used as the crane base and the rubbish truck Scania style cab remains pretty much the same and the trailer wheels are obviously an add on too. working mechanical features are controlled from one panel at the rear of the trailer via the three yellow connectors in the pic and a steering wheel for the slew control. features are: endless 360 crane rotation stabilizing legs up/down main ram up/down boom ram up/down 6" telescopic boom in/out trailer un hitch ram up/down 5th wheel tractor unit steers the trailer crane is strong enough to lift the semi truck off the ground but it topples at reach it took me around 20-30 hours or so total to build. i have plenty more photos but having trouble uploading, I hope you like


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