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25 Jun 2014

4X4 LT-MC (Heavy-Class)

The 4X4 LT-MC is my largest and most mechanically-complex vehical so far! It is my second 4WD vehical. In case you were wondering, LT-MC stands for Limited Terrain Mobile Crossbow. The drivetrain consists of two M-motors geared 1:1. One M-motor drives the front wheels, while the other drives the rear wheels. LT-MC is much faster than my HC-TC tank. This make it even more fun to drive. Origionally, LT-MC was never going to have a crossbow mounted on top. But when I was test-driving it on the floor, my little sister saw it and imediately asked, "What is THAT?" When I explained to her that it was a four-wheel-drive vehical, she told me it didn't look like any kind of vehical at all. I was forced to agree. It was pretty ugly. I didn't know how to make it look much better though so I decided to add a remotely-activated crossbow to the top like I did with HC-TC. At least this way people might still think it's ugly, but whose going to make fun of a foot-long 4WD vehical with a 50-foot range crossbow mounted on top? I also added a tow-hook and mounted LED flood-lights on the side for night-time operations. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the turn out. It has a few downsides, (i.e. it's really, really heavy and the front wheels occasionally pop off) but otherwise it turned out well. Please let me know what you think of this project, and let me know if you have any ideas on how to improve it, or one of my other creations. Thanks!


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