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2 Sep 2013

4X4 Crawler V2

This is my mildly modified 4X4 Crawler. It is made entirely with just the pieces of one 4X4 Crawler set. I created my own custom bodywork for this set. (I took apart my previous design to make this. Frankly, I think this one is much better!) In addition to new bodywork, I have switched the first two gears in the gear chain to give it more speed, yet still have a good amount of torque. (The gear change is NOT shown in the pictures, but you can try it yourself. Take the first 12 tooth to 20 tooth gear ratio out and put it back in opposite; the 20 tooth gear will be where the 12 tooth gear was and vice versa.) P.S: Sorry for the blurry pictures; I have no idea why that happened!


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