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6 Dec 2013

Catapult X2

I call this catapult the "X2" because it is actually my second catapult of this class. I did not post that one, so the other catapult I have posted is not the one I am referring to. OK, know that all that is out of the way, I can tell you about THIS catapult. First of all, it has a range of about 12-15 feet. That may not sound very impressive, but the catapult is under 6 inches long. If this catapult was full-size, it would have a range of over 750 feet! The reason it shoots so far is because a couple different factors. It is power by 2 rubber bands. One on the top (see 2nd photo) and one on the bottom (see 2nd photo as well).The other reason for it's long range is the ammo. There is a rubber band looped around the it which increases velocity (see 2nd photo). Finally, I attached a release lever onto the side (see 4th photo). See if you can figure out how it works. The final photo is it in action. For video, type my username (jds7777) into the search box on the lego creator page.Feel free to check out my other creation on this page. (There's quite a few.) Thanks for reading!


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