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13 Aug 2014


This is probably my favorite crossbow so far. It is powerful, (second only to my 650X ELIMINATOR) sturdy, comfortable to hold, (thanks to thickened 2 handles) and safe. Well, as safe as a crossbow with a 50-60 foot range can be. The top rail prevents ammo from flying up and taking out your eye. (That almost hppened to me with the 650X.) It also has a built-in bar to keep the ammo from falling out the front if you tip it. This crossbow fires 1X4 Lego bricks, the arms are reinforced, and the trigger and rubber band lock were improved. Eventually, I had to take it apart. (It damadged almost everything it hit. [I have the dents in my closet door to prove it.]) Overall, this was a very successful crossbow, and I enjoyed building (and shooting!) it. Thanks for reading, and don't forget to comment!


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