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20 Aug 2014

New in the Community

Meltdowns Mech Suit


Uploaded 8/19/2014

Hello Mindstorms comunity. It's Pleco2323 again, with a new NXT invention to enter in the action fuigure build contest! It's Meltdown's Mech Suit. Click Additional Information for more info.

Kemosabe My version


Uploaded 8/19/2014

This is basicly a copy of builderdude35's kemosabe robot. It is made only out of parts from the ev3 home edition kit and it turned out pretty sweet! it can be controlled using the ir mode or free roaming with the program. doesnt work on carpet too well. (Hope to work on that soon)



Uploaded 8/19/2014

My QUAD BIK3 is powered by the large motors and steered by the medium motor and the handlebars rotate the direction the wheels turn. It has NO sensors! (I controlled it with an iPhone.) I also made the QUAD BIK3 so that a BIONICLE guy could ride on it!

Cool and weird car


Uploaded 8/19/2014

This is a weird car it's motors are on the side the wheels move by knob wheels I won't post a video because it doesn't turn very good this Is the first I seen with sideways motors the reflection is weird on my window



Uploaded 8/19/2014

a lonely robot looking for friends. Ill add another file for the RC block