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01 Oct 2014

New in the Community

Sorry that I forgot to upload the program for the 3D Print3r, so here it is. See the full description and video in my previous post, the 3D Print3r. The program is on your left; open it by changing the file extension to .ev3. The program is 2MB, I made sure it was not corrupted, and there is a title, description and main image.

outrunner truck


Uploaded 9/30/2014

you can see two trucks. The red one is not a robot, its just powered by power functions so i will not talk about that one :) Black truck is powered by one NXT motor and the other one for steering. NXT processor is hidden in the container. 2 light sensors mounted on sides of the truck are recognizing the solid line and dashed line on the road. Ultrasonic sensor is used for keeping distance of other vehicles on the road... When truck bump into slower vehicle than him, he slows down to speed equal as the vehicle infront of him. When sensors recognize a dashed line the truck starts an outrunning maneuver and then he returns back to his lane. I think i have nothing more to say about it :) Black truck (NXT) is made by my friend Thomas and the red one (PF) by me :)



Uploaded 9/30/2014

Hello Community! This is my newest LEGO Mindstorms creation: A racing car for remote control. When Builderdude35 told in the LMBs about his cars and the times around his track, I wanted to know, whether I can keep up with my own created car. So I decided to build one to compare it to Builderdude35's. Sadly I didn't have enough place and time to build up his track and I didn't find a way to control this car remotely, so I cannot say f it is fast or not. But the acceleration is the fastest I've ever build with Mindstorms! And it is the first Mindstorms Car I built with suspension! Additional Information for details.

Spooky Tombstone Popout


Uploaded 9/30/2014

This is my first entry for the Haunted House building challenge. I was inspired by a Target Halloween decoration. I think this is one of my best robots yet. What it does is: a medium motor turns and makes a skeleton pop out. For more information go to additional information. As usual please rate and comment.

If you wanted to build a simpler and smaller version of my Halloween Pop Up, here you go. It only needs an EV3 brick, one large motor, one inferred sensor, and twenty to thirty pieces. now with video, new sound, and enough pictures for you to build it yourself. I'm still not going for good reviews. (Yet. Manley on the next robot I will.) Also, the first Halloween Pop Up and the shaking ghost both have videos now.