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17 Apr 2014

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because the weird challenge was a failure I bring you the 20 piece competition!. Now the rules are that you make a robot only using 20 pieces! and add the tag [Lego20] Please enter!

Hate doing housework?Don`t like cooking?To lazy to make your bed?Why don`t you try this challenge and make a robot to do a chore?Terms and Conditions:Your robot has to do a job that is helpful.Make sure you tag it "useful-bot".Not all of it has to be Lego.For some inspiration, look at my hoover bot (in additional information).The prize for 1st place is 5 stars, Favourite four comments and follower.The prize for 2nd place is 5 stars, Favourite if it was only a tiny bit not in 1st and four comments.The prize for 3rd place is 5 stars and four comments.All the other people who join in will get 4 stars and 1 comment.The Skill Level, Robot Type, of LEGO Pieces, Intelligent Brick type, Sensors and Motors are the things your robot has to be.They are the things my hover bot has.Entry's will be Judged by me on the 1st of July 2014 (this year).



Uploaded 4/17/2014

Hi everyone, AREM2326 here with my entry to Sprinkle Otter’s sumo challenge, introducing Bombur! Weighing in at roughly 2lbs 11oz, and measuring 10.25 inches long, 9.25 inches wide and 5.25 inches tall, he is below average size for a sumo. Do not be deceived by his small size though, this powerful robot can push over 3 times his own weight! His massive amount of torque coupled with his virtually unstoppable flipper make a formidable opponent for any sumo robot! To find out more about him just click “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” below!



Uploaded 4/16/2014

After being absent from the community for a while I am finally back. A lot of school work was taking up a ton of my time and I haven’t had time to build or post any robots. Now I’m no longer inactive and will hopefully post something about every week. So here is my EV3 LIFT. It is one of my favourite projects since it was able to function perfectly without any errors after the programming was easily completed. This robot is mainly controlled by the two large motors and the touch sensor. (The center brick button is used in the reset function.) This project was inspired by norama’s (RCX) Lift. A very complex and amazing project that I’ve always been awed by. This lift is a lot more simpler than that one but functions very well. norama’s lift was more like an elevator, my lift is more like an old mine lift that lowers materials down into the tunnels and is meant to look like that as well. The touch sensor is used to lower the lift slowly (25% power) to the ground. When it is pressed the two motors start lowering the lift. The two motors of course have to spin in the same direction at the same speed to work correctly. They Also spin a little part on the side that shows that the motors are moving and so that you can see that the motors are going in the correct direction and not changing direction as they will if there isn’t enough string. When the load reaches the bottom and the touch sensor is released the program ends. However there is a myBlock called “ResetStop” that can be run in the program or after the program. When the center brick button is pressed it raises the lift back up. “ResetStop” can be included in the program or be left as a separate program to run. The program is quite simple. I won’t explain it because if it is uploaded successfully it shouldn’t be difficult to figure out. I’m sorry but I will not be posting an LDD file for this project since I would like to quickly move on to creating an EV3 remote for my NXT Claw Tank. Pic. 1-full model Pic. 2-lift pic. 3-touch sensor/down button Pic. 4-motors/reel/spinner Pic. 5-video (I'll try to get a longer one up soon)

EV3 Robogator


Uploaded 4/16/2014

This robot I have made was inspired by the nxt version of robogator