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19 Sep 2014

New in the Community

Proper Lego Hand


Uploaded 9/18/2014

Sorry for the pictures,I couldn't get it straight.Now,I present to you,my proper lego hand! It took forever to find the design for this but it totally worked. The cool thing about this is that you open and close the hand with yours! It isn't you move your fingers, it moves its fingers. Its you move your hand over the ultrasonic sensor and it will close,take your hand away,it closes.

Human arm


Uploaded 9/18/2014

It is an awesome arm it can grab and move arm up and down the medium motor was going to turn wrist but the turn table was to big see additional information sorry if pictures are blurry



Uploaded 9/18/2014

Let bigdriller do the work with his HUGE drill! The triangular treads give it the best stability. This is The second mars rover i have made. Drilling into mars rocks, secret caves, and anything else!

trailer for mini vehicle


Uploaded 9/18/2014

This is a trailer for mini vehicle.

Game Challenge winner


Uploaded 9/18/2014

mindstorms815 was the only contestant so he is the only winner.