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24 Oct 2014

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Uploaded 10/24/2014

BITEWING is my second upload for the Halloween contest. It is inspired by the robot called BatboT, a drone made by robotics researcher Julian Colorado. It consists of a medium motor, which powers two wings. Each wing consists of 7 joints, in which the last one connects to the medium motor via the 36T gear. It has an ultrasonic sensor for helping it navigate in the dark. A colour sensor makes sure that it stays in the dark. A sound sensor makes it react to a loud noise. More information in ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.



Uploaded 10/24/2014

This was built for NXTeins Sumo bot comp. HammerBot is a Robot to beat all SumoBots. The Hammer is not currently used as a weapon because it's blistering speed is the only thing it needs to be a SuperStar! (It's so fast in fact that I was unable to add a touch/color sensor for detecting edges! By the time it got the reading it would be off the arena) The Hammer is mainly used for self righting whenever it falls backward. To NXTein: Program and enough pics to build the robot are in additional info. (P.S. It may be obvious, but the one with the powerfunctions is not HammerBot)

Formula 1 EV3 Technic


Uploaded 10/23/2014

This is the Formula 1 concept i made when i was bored. Did not put the motors in as the weight of the motors and the Brick slows the car down. Will be uploading the LDD building guide soon!!!



Uploaded 10/23/2014

Hello everyone! I am back with a new robot which is probably my best one yet. The WALL CRAWLING SPID3R! I recently bought some new sensors for using in my robots. I bought an ultrasonic sensor, a gyro sensor, a touch sensor and a sound sensor. This robot does not use all of them because the e3 brick has only 4 ports for installing sensors. I have made this spider for the Halloween contest. This is only the prototype version and this kind of technology is used in many of the robots being developed in robotics labs around the world. One of these robots is the GECKO, a robot which has suction pads on its feet to climb. My robot does not have suction pads so it can't climb walls, but I have managed to make it have the abilities of a real spider. It utilises three motors, two for operating the arms and one for opening and closing the jaws. The arms move up and down using a simple mechanism which is explained in ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. It uses five sensors for self defence and for exploring its surroundings: ultrasonic, colour, sound and two touch sensors. Check out the ADDITIONAL INFORAMATION.



Uploaded 10/23/2014

This is a very simple robot. I built it to mess around with.