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25 Apr 2014

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Nxt all sensor


Uploaded 4/25/2014

All standard sensors and sound sensor and light sensor. i did not get every thing

All regular sensors in the EV3 box on one robot. I have no program you can find some or make your own.

Angry Robot Game


Uploaded 4/24/2014

The Angry Robot is VERY ANGRY! If you try to stand in front of the Angry Robot with your remote (by the way, the angry robot hates remotes), on IR Beacon mode, It will just turn away. Hey! I'll give you a little challenge. Try to stand in front of the robot for the longest time possible! See the Building Instructions and Program below.



Uploaded 4/24/2014


Candyman EV3


Uploaded 4/24/2014

Who can make the sun rise? Yes - the Candyman EV3 can! Imagine you are watching TV and a robot delivers candies on demand to you. The Candyman EV3 uses the color sensor to navigate on a table and finds the candy stack and the delivery location using color markers. Watch the video to see how the candyman acts like a butler.