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01 Nov 2014

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Uploaded 10/31/2014

I made this simple robot when I finished dismantling Slalom racer. It's a remote control car it breaks easily but it doesn't take long to build or fix.

Suffering trespasser


Uploaded 10/31/2014

Hello Mindstorms Community! This is my last Halloween robot for 2014 :(. First thing's first, There were only one or two votes for the vote on carving an EV3 icon on my pumpkin. I did it! The second video is the one ( it's a video because it can't be non-LEGO related). And now for the robot. This robot is simmilar to my shaking ghost. Show your visitors what is happening to your last visitor. Also check out my other robot called "Super Freak." This robot uses 1 EV3 brick, 2 large motors, 1 thick fishing line(to hang) and 20-30 pieces.

This robot make for stew fires where can't human.Human can't go realy fast,but robot can. My robot has turret with water cannon and sensor.It go realy fast. Thank.

Slalom racer


Uploaded 10/31/2014

I made this robot out of one lego mindstorms ev3 set it's got fast steering and can be easily used with the IR beacon. I named it the slalom racer because I designed it to be used for slalom courses. This is my first upload



Uploaded 10/30/2014

Hi this is my model of R2-D2 I call it RS-C1 the R stands for remote control S stands for square C it is colorful 1 it is my first model. I had lots of problems with this robot but in then it worked out.