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31 Jul 2014

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Uploaded 7/31/2014

ROAR3R is a robot T-rex. It can walk, run and move it jaws. It works properly but it is very easy to break. see more in the additional info.



Uploaded 7/31/2014

Hi!This is my first robot and it's designed for fight.It's very hard to be push away,and it has a drill for weapon. Sorry that I can't add a video right now because the battery's off,I'll add one as soon as I can.

Finally I am able to post version 2 of my MicroSport 3Function Concept! Sorry for the long wait; the Community glitches held me up. But here it is anyway, just in time before the MicroBot Challenge ends. Doesn't MicroSport 3Function Vehicle look miniature? Well, it's a MicroBot, isn't it? There is an important reason this is called MicroSport 3Function Vehicle instead of MicroSport 3Function Concept 2.0. Not only did I upgrade MicroSport, but it is not right to call this a "concept" anymore. This is the real thing; my previous MicroSport was only a concept, a prototype so-to-speak. MicroSport has 3Functions, true to its name. One large motor drives the rear axle, one medium motor steers the front axle, and the remaining large motor powers an auxiliary output found at the front of the vehicle. The unique thing is that the large motors are positioned in the exact same places opposite to each other, so the balance is not upset! Of course, this vehicle is remote-controllable (what fun is it without being able to drive it?) A transparent brick sits up top like an ambulance's. That way it can "warn" others it's coming ( :P it doesn't light up). I will add Additional Information as soon as possible, so hold on! (If you are going to rate MicroSport lower because of lack of info, please wait.) :) By the way, I have a video available right here to make up for it? Great! ___________________________________ And yes, if anyone was wondering, the background is REAL grass. That is how micro-sized MicroSport is. ;)

Robot Controll3r


Uploaded 7/30/2014

ROBOCONTROL3R is a robot that controls a power functions train motor. I used a train motor because they are faster. Even though the train motor is fast, the it still takes a long time due to the two worm gears. (See photo four.) For addition imformation please click additional imformation on the bottom.

LEGO MINDSTORMS has a history of creating Action Figure robots for its inspiration models. EV3RSTORM, GRIPP3R, R3PTAR, SPIK3R, and TRACK3R could all be members of a super hero team. They need some new super friends to join them. Help us create the ultimate Hall of MINDSTORMS Heroes! Will you design a LEGO MINDSTORMS Action Figure that fights crime? Or will you invent the next super villain? Bring your imagination to life and get building your own robotic Action Figure! All entries must be tagged “ActionFigure Deadline: September 1, 2014. What will you make?