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28 Aug 2014

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Uploaded 8/28/2014

EV3BLIAZZARD is a super hero that fights against evil. He can skate, punch, spin his spinning blades, throw balls and kick. See more in the additional info. I am sorry that I cannot upload the video here, you can watch it in the EV3 project file I uploaded. Thanks for reading. I hope you all like it.



Uploaded 8/27/2014

BAD BUGG3Y is a good example of how your regular car should be based off of. First off, he has a striking appearance and a menacing grin. Second off, click additional info for more, well, info.

NXT Grunt


Uploaded 8/27/2014

Hello, fellow MINDSTORMS Loggers! I present to you Grunt, my entry into the Community's Action Figure challenge. Grunt is a walking, bipedal, robotic NXT representation of the real Grunt from my original comic series, BLOX!. For more details and a backstory on Grunt, please proceed to "Additional Information."

BoboBot 1


Uploaded 8/27/2014

Hello everyone I am back with a new invention, the BoboBot, a robotic walking bear! Click Aditional Information for more info.

Hi .. all i would like to show you all for my EV3 robot project 360 degree arm