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16 Apr 2014

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Uploaded 4/15/2014

Finally, I'm entering in SprinkleOtter's and NeXTstien's SOSumobot contest!!!! TRICK3R is a robo-con artist that tricks other robots. It does not have speed or strength, but rather cunning and deceiving. I hope I win! (look in additional info for in-depth info)(SprinkleOtter, please comment.)

The 4 gear SHIFT3R


Uploaded 4/15/2014

This is a gear box for my buggati vorion!. It can shift up to 4 gears! There is not much more to say..... oh yeah! Thanks for looking!.

DJ h3lper


Uploaded 4/14/2014

Here is my newest NXT(2.0) creation. A DJ helper. If I am playing music in a club for example, and I need to visit the toilet, I can just let the robot take over my mixer. This robot is made only for my mixer, witch is a Numark N4. It can: Scratch, adjust the volume and adjust the master volume. If the music is to loud, and the color sensor detects red light from the mixer(witch means it is to loud sound), it will adjust the volume so it is perfectly loud. I hope you like it.

This simple car has back wheel steering and monster truck wheels.

Luuma EV3


Uploaded 4/14/2014

This is the ultimate most useless robot I have ever built. Note: I did not create it, my dad found instructions online at this guy's website. when you flip the switch, the robot just flips it back. if you try again, the robot hides the switch or moves away!!! I never won. I will describe it more in additional info. P.S. Luuma EV3 is the official name of this robot, but I call it ANNOY3R.