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26 Jul 2014

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Uploaded 7/25/2014

SUP3R CAST3R is not your ordinary castor bot. He is a SUPER castor bot!!!! SUP3R CAST3R has suspension for the back and side shocks for the front. He weighs only 1 1/2 lb, and is quick and agile, performing very tight corners. I built SUP3R CAST3R for Didideyi's challenge. (I said I would, didn't I?) I hope other people will enter too. SUP3R CAST3R took 3 1/2 hours to build and 15 minutes to test and perfect. To see more info about SUP3R CAST3R, go to additional info. NOTE: The pictures in this and my previous post's' have been edited. Some content in those photos was confidential and personal.

ColorBot II


Uploaded 7/25/2014

This is the ColorBot two castor bot running an nxc program.



Uploaded 7/25/2014

Actually it's my first robot. I've done it with some help from a friend of mine. The program is quite simple. You can control each motor separately by the IR Beacon. Unfortunately podracer can go only forward and backward (no, it doesn't fly like the real one). If you have any thoughts how to upgrade it, feel free to comment .

Insane Robot


Uploaded 7/25/2014

This is an insane robot I call Dr. Lego Evil. It is my second microbot. It actually is just a motor with rods on it.The rods hit the ground, two by two, and when the "catch"(3rd pic) hits the ground it hoists the motor forward. Going back makes the motor lift from the ground and flip over. The rods without catches are the "shocks" and they keep the motor from a smack on the ground. It drives the back by using gears as wheels.

EV3 train motor


Uploaded 7/25/2014

Welcome back! I've been away for a while, because of the FLL Canada Open International competition (our team was in the middle btw), and most certainly there will be another break because the same FLL season last competiton in Brazil is where I am going in the beginning of September. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But now, about my awesome new creation! I made custom train motors, that are Mindstorms compatible, and I even made a tutorial of it! I have provided a video, showing a beginner train I made using two of these motors and 2 medium EV3 motors. What differates these motors from original train motors, is that the power must come from the wagon, the power source is not included in the motors them selves. You will understand what I mean by looking at the pictures I made of it. Also, check additional information for the tutorial on how to make your own train motors!