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25 Jul 2014

New in the Community

Puppy Protector


Uploaded 7/25/2014

The latest in personal defense, the all new Puppy Pals Protection lol. This P.P.P. is 19 inches long 10.35 wide 12 high. using Nxt2.0+Power Functions. the stock motor turns the gun on the turn-wheel. The XLmotor fires the gun, I used instructions from Ev3RSTORM's arm gun to make. The tail does swing but I made it in a way where it be very quite, So my sound sensor will do better. No clanking. I hope you guys like it and, I hope I get more comments than I got on my last bot.

Vending Machine


Uploaded 7/24/2014

With help from a website (and my dad), I built a working vending machine. When you put in a penny, nickel, or dime it will fall back out. But when you put in a half-dollar it will give you a soda.

box car


Uploaded 7/24/2014

To build this car i only used on lego mindstorm NXT 2.0 set and four ekstra wheels. It can drive on both the normal wheels and on the roof.



Uploaded 7/24/2014

MICRO INFRARED GUARD is my entry to the microbot challenge. It is used to avoid thieves and trespassers. The alarm will sound when the door is open, when someone pass by and when something is stolen. It detect things by using infrared sensor. When the proximity is changed, the alarm will sound. Watch the videos and see more info in the additional info.

Cicada Bugbot


Uploaded 7/24/2014

This is the first robot I uploaded.He's kind of cute with the big wheel rim eyes and his cute little wings.He drives back and forth but he can not really do turns or fly.