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31 Jul 2014

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Robot Controll3r


Uploaded 7/30/2014

ROBOCONTROL3R is a robot that controls a power functions train motor. I used a train motor because they are faster. Even though the train motor is fast, the it still takes a long time due to the two worm gears. (See photo four.) For addition imformation please click additional imformation on the bottom.

LEGO MINDSTORMS has a history of creating Action Figure robots for its inspiration models. EV3RSTORM, GRIPP3R, R3PTAR, SPIK3R, and TRACK3R could all be members of a super hero team. They need some new super friends to join them. Help us create the ultimate Hall of MINDSTORMS Heroes! Will you design a LEGO MINDSTORMS Action Figure that fights crime? Or will you invent the next super villain? Bring your imagination to life and get building your own robotic Action Figure! All entries must be tagged “ActionFigure Deadline: September 1, 2014. What will you make?

**Please moderators accept this post which refers to my last project: I had a problem while publishing it and the project was "in moderation" during one week. So I edited it and published again and the project managed to be published. However, the project hasn't been put up in the community because it was already one week old and wasn't in the five more recent posts.** Therefore I invite everybody to see my last post (this big car) to get all information and see the video.



Uploaded 7/30/2014

This is QBot a cube shaped robot. It can drive on 4 of it's 6 sides. This robot is very stable an can survive some drops. It has 2 Motors which drive wormgears which drive 24 tooth gears that are connected to the chains. So this robot is a bit slow. The chains have some spickes. It also has 3 sensors: Two light sensors on the sides can track light sources no matter which side the robot is driving on. They also detect when the robot lays on one of the two sides it can't drive on (that happens really rarely). The third sensor is a rcx rotation sensor used to detect when the robot flips sides using a pendulum. A swarm of microbots like this could help to find survivors in collapsed buildings or search for radioactivity. In the video the robot will track a light source but because the way is obstructed it will turn around and search an other way. It's really funny to let this robot drive around your home, because you don't have to be afraid of any damage!

Miine bot


Uploaded 7/30/2014

this is a robot that can dig through mines, collect coal ang brings it back. Thus reducing cost and saving lives as working in a coal mine can be dangerous. This can also be beneficial for companies as it is a one time cheap invest. This robot is very cost effective