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30 Sep 2014

New in the Community

3D Print3r


Uploaded 9/30/2014

This is my first entry to the Year of the Maker Building Challenge. This 3D Print3r is capable of picking up a 2x2 LEGO brick and placing it on an exact location on the platform. You can make houses, buildings, you name it! After spending 20 hours of total building, filming and modifying, this has got to be my biggest and best project. On your left you can download the video, and below is the additional information. Do not copy this idea, as this is my original idea and this is an entry to an online competition.



Uploaded 9/30/2014

This is my first robot. It can move forward and backward but not side to side because it only has one motor. It can go 2.5 feet per second on smooth ground, however it goes a lot slower on carpet and it can not go on bumpy ground at all. It has no Lego mindstorms robotic pieces, it has only Lego power functions.

Grimlock 2


Uploaded 9/29/2014

Hello again!!! I have made a new and improved grimlock!!! It now isn't top heavy, but isn't finished. Sorry for not uploading sooner, but 6th grade is super busy!Thank you so much! Hope you love it! The ball shooter is the EV3RSTORM ball shooter. Bye!!!! Sorry for pics, dont know how to fix.

Hi All, I dont know how or where to put this question. I wanted to participate in "". But in the upload section i can see only "Dance Bot Building Challenge". Where i can mention the correct robotic competition ? Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, please guide me to correct link where i can raise this question?

Did you know that many haunted houses and haunted amusement park rides use animatronic robotics? That creepy Dracula that pops up out of the coffin was most likely triggered by a motion or touch sensor, and has motors and gears hidden inside to control its movement. Halloween is just around the corner and the LEGO MINDSTORMS crew wants you to celebrate by creating some Haunted House robots! You can make an animatronic Halloween character, or an entire robotic controlled Haunted House! Will you make a bat that flies on a string? A pop-up coffin? A dancing ghost? How about a band of scary spooks called the “boo crew?” Make sure your robot is Halloween themed and would be part of a Haunted House. You CAN used mixed media (LEGO MINDSTORMS and other materials) but you MUST show an image of the LEGO ONLY portion of your creation to show its “LEGO Skeleton.” All entries must be tagged “HauntedHouse” Deadline: November1, 2014. What will you (BOO!) make?