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20 Sep 2014

New in the Community

I am sorry i am a little late, but i am here to announce the SBC winner which is....... drumroll please........... KEMOSABE NXT, stay tuned for my work in progress, a car with a 3 speed gear box and 4wd. NOTE: I will be overseas for two weeks, leaving today so the upload will be kinda late.



Uploaded 9/19/2014

This is my first robot. It is designed to require three activation procedures (press touch sensor, scan eye with color sensor, and voice activation). After activation, it will calibrate the motors and wait until the ultrasonic sees something. Then it will move forward and turn when it gets to close to something. The program works but could use some fixes.

Th3 Fan


Uploaded 9/19/2014

This is a robot that actually blows air at you. its easy and fast to build. FOR BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS GO TO... http://youtu.be/NHJp_JytwtY



Uploaded 9/19/2014

This is the first machine I made! The super conveyor bot is a fast, smart way to send things far. In the video i used minifigure pieces :D. So If anyone wants to copy my ideas, feel free to do so! I'd love to see your conveyor belts! The great thing about this is that you can make it with just the robotics invention system 2.0!

Proper Lego Hand


Uploaded 9/18/2014

Sorry for the pictures,I couldn't get it straight.Now,I present to you,my proper lego hand! It took forever to find the design for this but it totally worked. The cool thing about this is that you open and close the hand with yours! It isn't you move your fingers, it moves its fingers. Its you move your hand over the ultrasonic sensor and it will close,take your hand away,it closes.