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20 Apr 2014

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ZNAP 31313


Uploaded 4/20/2014

ZNAP is oficial EV3 EDUCATION (45544) bonus model you can build it with 45560+45544 i build it with 31313+ 45560+8547 this is dog hecan move with two large motors and move he jaws with one medium motor he have big blue eyes : ) and big red nose i not have big EV3 EDUCATION Tracks but i have small EV3 31313 traks and i made it with this he have orange teeth but in EV3 EDUCATION teeth is white i made a small ears because i not have abig ears but in EV3 EDUCATION ears is big


SumoStorm3r is built with only one EV3 set. So you may try to build this using the instructions provided. >>> Sorry for the long wait SprinkleOtter; I'm finding difficulty with a bunch of my time; I can barely squeeze in time for this so info is short. DON'T WORRY GUYS; THIS IS NOT A SIGN THAT I'LL BE LEAVING LIKE MySnailEatsPizza AND NatoNX. No way. Just my mom does not like me spending a lot of time with LEGO®, especially MINDSTORMS®. (Yeah, building 1 robot a week is still a lot to her.) Hey, don't think badly about it. I need to focus on school. Extensive robotics can come in summer. Deal? Glad your satisfied. The detailed pics for each part are in ADDITION INFORMATION. SprinkleOtter, feel free to ask me any questions through the building process. Also check out my first Technic post on the Technic gallery, T3chnicTruck (built last year at the time of my EXTINCT BIP3D). NOTE: It's not complete, I ran out of time. I'll complete when I can. Sorry.

sumo bot


Uploaded 4/19/2014

sumobot is a robot that you can fight. (if you have one or ev3 NXT robot have) against other robots with additional motorized wheels, he can at any sumobot. if he still has difficulty you must ensure that it hits the other robot with the touch sensor, then he's going to be extra wheels turning backwards and he has extra thrust.



Uploaded 4/19/2014

CROCODIL3 is a robo crocodile. See more info and a video in additional information.