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03 Sep 2014

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Uploaded 9/3/2014

a little cute waddling turtle. real image coming soon!



Uploaded 9/2/2014

H3AVY DUTY was made for, well heavy duty! This machine was made to deliver or transport big LEGO objects, or any big object! As you will see in the video, the biggest thing I have out on it is my 4x4 crawler, which is HUGE! For more, please click Additional Information. Oh, and hey! Isn't that LEGO Universe on my computer?



Uploaded 9/2/2014

On a wild quest for revenge, ready to slice EV3RSTORM open at any time. The deadly ANYILAT3R is here to stay! And when he stays, he stays longer than you... Enjoy the epic story of how this deadly robot villian came to be, and be inspired to make your own just like it! All if you just download my robot's program/presentation.

Did you know that 2014 is the Year of the Maker? Did you know that LEGO MINDSTORMS will be at the World Maker Fair in New York City on September 20 & 21, 2014? In honor of Maker Fair and the Year of the Maker, the MINDSTORMS team is challenging the community to show off the ROBOT MAK3R in all of you! Will you create a whole new invention? A new type of toy? Or will you remix an existing MINDSTORMS model and make it your own? We want you to MAK3 ROBOTS! Any kind you wish! Follow your inspiration, imagination, and dreams to do! What will you MAK3 with MINDSTORMS? All entries must be tagged “madewithmindstorms” Deadline: October 1, 2014

first creation did not have much time supposed to be a robot that swims through the blood vessels and take off extra fat