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01 Oct 2014

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Hi All, Built for "Year of the Maker Building Challenge" This could be a simple robot, but as a six year old, this is the best one I built and I feel proud to build something which can help blind people. This I built for another local robotic competition, but they denied it because of my age. Hope here everybody will accept my idea. My father told me that some of these ideas could be already there as products, but all these are my thoughts came to my mind. [Comment from Sarang’s father: I gave him the idea to build something to help blind people. I covered his eyes and made him walk, and after that each ideas he only found out in a long thought process. I merely helped him to understand the new concepts like code words from remote etc. ] This is only a model which include the below feature. 1 Infrared sensor which senses the distance to other objects and produces a warning message “Stop”, with which blind people can stop and get a new direction 2 Same Infrared sensors which can find the remote control and identify the beacon switch setting and announce “one”, “two” etc. My real plan is to send some code word from remote control with which we can identify different places in a public building. Example when a blind person enters a bank building he can point the walking stick to different direction and hear voice like “Manager”,”Cash”, “Reception”, “Toilet” etc, and thus can move in that direction. The remote controls will be placed on top of all such doors 3 Switch placed near the handle which when pressed will make a “horn” sound, with which others can be alerted about a blind persons presence and can make space 4 Brick will flash LED lights, which in the night will help to identify the blind person. In this model it is pointed to back side, that need to be corrected in final version 5 Ultra sound sensor placed at the end of the stick, which can sense large stones, staircase, steps etc. In the software (EV3 home edition) I could not find the control for ultra sound Issues with the model 1 The body is not very strong 2 When one infrared sensor is used for sensing distance and remote it is slow. Tried to change the program based on advice from father, but no improvement. Please help me. Removing the big loop from the program will speed increase 3 Ultra sound sensor is not programmed as my software does not have control. Could you please help me



Uploaded 10/1/2014

This robot has two modes:remote and deliver!In remote mode,you can command it with the remote beacon,but in the deliver mode,you can let it follow black lines and deliver for you!When the deliver is complete,it will get back by it self!

Sorry that I forgot to upload the program for the 3D Print3r, so here it is. See the full description and video in my previous post, the 3D Print3r. The program is on your left; open it by changing the file extension to .ev3. The program is 2MB, I made sure it was not corrupted, and there is a title, description and main image.

outrunner truck


Uploaded 9/30/2014

you can see two trucks. The red one is not a robot, its just powered by power functions so i will not talk about that one :) Black truck is powered by one NXT motor and the other one for steering. NXT processor is hidden in the container. 2 light sensors mounted on sides of the truck are recognizing the solid line and dashed line on the road. Ultrasonic sensor is used for keeping distance of other vehicles on the road... When truck bump into slower vehicle than him, he slows down to speed equal as the vehicle infront of him. When sensors recognize a dashed line the truck starts an outrunning maneuver and then he returns back to his lane. I think i have nothing more to say about it :) Black truck (NXT) is made by my friend Thomas and the red one (PF) by me :)



Uploaded 9/30/2014

Hello Community! This is my newest LEGO Mindstorms creation: A racing car for remote control. When Builderdude35 told in the LMBs about his cars and the times around his track, I wanted to know, whether I can keep up with my own created car. So I decided to build one to compare it to Builderdude35's. Sadly I didn't have enough place and time to build up his track and I didn't find a way to control this car remotely, so I cannot say f it is fast or not. But the acceleration is the fastest I've ever build with Mindstorms! And it is the first Mindstorms Car I built with suspension! Additional Information for details.