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23 Sep 2014

New in the Community

This amphibian is an experimental project to see if I could build a working vehicle with retracting wheels like the Gibbs Quadski. Although the body was never made, and it cannot float in water, the retraction function of the wheels works properly. It uses one motor for rear wheel drive, another motor for steering, and the last motor is used for the raising and lowering of the wheels. In order for the drive shafts to retract properly, I built a custom cv joint that was based off an idea from MSEP. You can see more pictures and information in Additional Info. And as always, enjoy!



Uploaded 9/23/2014

This is an RCX Elevator. I got the idea by looking at the gear plates and thought, "What if i made something climb it". I put two motors together on the gear plates and put gears on them. I then covered the front with big plates! It was kind of hard to make because RCX is really old, but i managed. I have never made an escalating robot before and this was a really exciting experience! When you press the touch sensor, it goes up! You can also program it to go down!

Lego Robot Upgrade Armor


Uploaded 9/23/2014

This robot is basically FCFGDB (Fast Castorbot For Good Driving Bases) and is a protection mount. Looks pretty cool, but I admit it doesn't do much.

Mini Merry Go Round


Uploaded 9/23/2014

This is a mini merry go round... Works, but can't really explain. It spins with one motor and is basic. So nothing wrong with this post, right?

The NEW Chompybot


Uploaded 9/23/2014

Remember ChompyBot? It/He (I don't know) was a simple robot with 4 wheels. Today, I introduce to you, The New Chompybot (All it is is normal ChompyBot with Treads, I just thought the name looked cool) Chompybot now has better turning rates. Hope you liked it! Also, the Tread idea was brought up by @luckeshev