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25 Oct 2014

New in the Community

If you remember last year, LEGO master builders made a challenge called brickify your pumpkin. This is a play-off. Put your Mindstorms and pumpkin together for epicness. Tag your robot RoboPumpkin to enter. Can't wait to see all the robots! deadline: October 31 if you have questions or comments, please post them and I'll be happy to answer.



Uploaded 10/24/2014

This is BODYBUILD3R, the robot that likes to work out is pectorals!Could it be the first candidate to Mr. RoboLympia?



Uploaded 10/24/2014

This is my first and (I think) only enter in the Halloween Contest.I hope that you like little animals like bats.This one is a huge bat.Check Additional Information for more about The BAT.



Uploaded 10/24/2014

BITEWING is my second upload for the Halloween contest. It is inspired by the robot called BatboT, a drone made by robotics researcher Julian Colorado. It consists of a medium motor, which powers two wings. Each wing consists of 7 joints, in which the last one connects to the medium motor via the 36T gear. It has an ultrasonic sensor for helping it navigate in the dark. A colour sensor makes sure that it stays in the dark. A sound sensor makes it react to a loud noise. More information in ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.



Uploaded 10/24/2014

This was built for NXTeins Sumo bot comp. HammerBot is a Robot to beat all SumoBots. The Hammer is not currently used as a weapon because it's blistering speed is the only thing it needs to be a SuperStar! (It's so fast in fact that I was unable to add a touch/color sensor for detecting edges! By the time it got the reading it would be off the arena) The Hammer is mainly used for self righting whenever it falls backward. To NXTein: Program and enough pics to build the robot are in additional info. (P.S. It may be obvious, but the one with the powerfunctions is not HammerBot)