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30 Aug 2014

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Go Pro H3RO


Uploaded 8/30/2014

Hi guys, so sorry ive been gone so long, ive been doing summer stuff, but summers sadly over. :( But, now I will start posting again! So, this robot uses a go pro to take videos of its ranking missions, and RC tests. It uses two large motors and a sturdy frame with one EV3 31313 set. I used one small turntable to hook the motors together so they still move and rotate normally. The Go Pro setup is pretty simple, I just put an axle through a hole on the case for the go pro. Enjoy!! ;)



Uploaded 8/30/2014

Move on two constant moving legs



Uploaded 8/30/2014

Inspired by Boeing Dreamliner I made my own Dreamliner.The a3r has 2 airlone, 2 flaps,2 vertical stabilizer, and last but not least 2 slat. I mixed technic and lego Mindstorm to make this creation.



Uploaded 8/29/2014

Here, my friends, is the ultimate SUV I've been waiting to show you. Well, wait's over, so! Outland3r is my best robotic vehicle yet, featuring a 1:3 geared-up speed ratio, hood scoop, metallic grille, opening doors and roof, racing seat, realistic headlight/taillights, sporty spoiler, steering capabilities, and much more! More info in "Additional Information"! A video of Outland3r will be available soon at ReBrick.com, a LEGO Group-run website!

Daniel the Dragon


Uploaded 8/29/2014

Hello everyone! This is FuzzyBoyC here with my largest project ever... Daniel the Dragon! He is 23" long 12" tall and has a wingspan of 21"! His name came from the cousin of mine who gave this mindstorms set to me. He uses a similar walking mechanism to Benny except his uses 2 motors so he can turn. It took me 4 hours to build him altogether and to add all of the finishing touches. Overall he's a pretty awesome dragon except for one thing, I couldn't motorize the wings because I had already finished the rest of him and couldn't find anywhere to put the motor. And he also has movable claws on his wings. I hope you all like him so please rate fav and follow!