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24 Apr 2014

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Uploaded 4/24/2014


Candyman EV3


Uploaded 4/24/2014

Who can make the sun rise? Yes - the Candyman EV3 can! Imagine you are watching TV and a robot delivers candies on demand to you. The Candyman EV3 uses the color sensor to navigate on a table and finds the candy stack and the delivery location using color markers. Watch the video to see how the candyman acts like a butler.



Uploaded 4/24/2014

RE3TH (RoboticEarthquak3vicTimHelper) is an intelligent robot built for the Nature's Fury Challenge. RE3TH detects earthquakes with the intelligent Detect3r System. When an earthquake occurs, it rattles the vehicle which brings down the black pole. The Color Sensor detects ambient lighting. When the pole closes over the color sensor, the ambient reading plunges to very low numbers. That's how RE3TH detects when an earthquake has just occurred. The RE3TH searches for a signal from the IR Beacon. The beacon acts as the victims help-box (think of it as a 911 call). The victims need food after such a disastrous natural disaster. They use the IR Beacon to call for help from the RE3TH. When RE3TH picks up the signal, it uses its Find3r System to find the victim following the IR signal. With its front grasping claw, it releases the care packages filled with food to the victims. The drivetrain is designed to withstand the rough terrain to travel through. Rugged off-road tires are driven through a powerful gear train. It drives similarly to a tank. I hope you guys like RE3TH. Special thanks to Lama-mantis for his support and help.



Uploaded 4/22/2014

Hi guys! I am new and I`m sharing my bot that test some of the nxt`s sensors.

Super Hot rod


Uploaded 4/22/2014

Hello everyone, I am back with a new robot. It is a hot-rod.This is the fastest robot I have ever built. The reason why it's so fast is because of the gears that power the rear wheels. I do have to say that the idea of building a V-8 engine was first done by Jazzplot. please tell me if I spelled it properly. It can also be controlled by the infrared remote. To simulate the speed of this hot-rod, all you need is one full charged EV3 brick, two EV3 servos, two 36-toothed gears, two 10-toothed gears and one pair of RCX wheels. Thank you for reading and please comment