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17 Sep 2014

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Uploaded 9/17/2014

Turbotread is an advanced mars rover that goes really slow, but with great strength! its got two drills, a fan, and a 3 turbines. Looking for sign of life on mars, Turbotread scavengers onwards.



Uploaded 9/17/2014

Inspired from the Terminator movies, this T-1 model took us quite a while to build and programmed. It uses a full complement of motors: 2 large for propulsion, 2 medium – 1 for the rotating torso and one for the Gatling guns. It also uses 1 infrared sensor (for collision detection), 1 ultrasound sensor (for triggering the Gatling guns if detecting incoming targets) and finally, 1 color detector for decoration only (to complete the robot’s face similar to the ones seen in the movies). It will patrol a room and avoid obstacles by turning left or right randomly. Will stop every 10 seconds for a sweep of the room in front of it and will fire the Gatling guns if it detects an incoming target (i.e. there has to be an object coming towards it for triggering the guns). Granted, it would be tremendously easy to circumvent such a detection system in real life, but who cares, this is for fun !!! For those who wish to see it in action, you can easily find it on youtube.

This is a minifigures' dance pad. It spins and shines lights everywhere. Only one motor. I like how Wyldstyle is dancing with Emmet because they end up together at the end. I used the Melting Room for the dance pad, and my color sensor for the disco lights.



Uploaded 9/15/2014

VI3WBOT is a mobile robot which is equiped by a camera (a mindsensors NXTCam V4), a color sensor, a touch sensor and a gyro sensor. Using the NXTCam V4, it can reconize and catch a yellow ball of specific size, thanks to its colour and its form. In my first programm, I just made a recognition using colour information, but the robot also detected other yellow objects (for example the bottle of the video)! The NXTCam V4 delineates a detected object by a bounding box and outputs the coordinates of the corners (x and y). With this information, one can calculate the area and the rough form of the object. In my program, I test the area and the shape of all the yellow objects, and the robot always chooses the good object (or nothing, if no object is a yellow ball ). The NXTCam V4 is a complex sensor, so it outputs a lot of values per second, and these values vary very quickly. To solve this problem, I created a new filter that smooths the data. It works very well! Without this "DataFilter" mini-program, VI3WBOT cannot work properly. VI3WBOT cannot work properly either if the ambiant light is too poor (for example, a yellow ball is acquired as if it were green in the dark). So when the program starts, the screen displays the minimum luminosity that it required as well as the current ambiant light. I will show my video very soon!!! But I have difficulties to upload it. In the future, I will use my NXTCamV4 to make new more complex robots, like humanoïds and autonomous animals, or other "deadly" creatures...Coming very soon! PS: Please comment and rate my older creations !

Timmyton 5 5


Uploaded 9/15/2014

Hello, fellow MINDSTORMS Loggers! I present to you the Timmyton 5.5, the latest and much anticipated edition to my popular Timmyton series. For those of you who are not familiar, the Timmytons are robotic sharks that do tasks. The focus of the 5.5 was to be pet-like, like the 5.0, while looking even more realistic. The 5.5 is an update over the 5.0, with minor mechanical changes and completely new and improved programming. Best of all, it can still be built with just one EV3 (31313) kit! I have entered this into the Community's Maker Faire building competition. Click on "Additional Information" to learn more! NOTE TO THE MODERATORS: I know I uploaded this project before, but I noticed I had uploaded it with an error, so I withdrew it. This is just an edited re-publish, as the original version has already been withdrawn.