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01 Aug 2014

New in the Community

Hello everyone! I have started a new branch of my robots...FBC Studios! It is all of my TO-TA-LY-AWE-SOME! robots that do the coolest stuff, like this one for instance, Color Sorter MK1 this is my very first color sorter robot that can sort white and green lego 2X4s. for a demonstration look in additional information. Sorry I can't post a video the website won't accept my videos.

Make a battle robot that has a shooting, crushing,or hacking mechanism, enter it by putting a discription that says that it is entered, and I will follow you if you win!



Uploaded 7/31/2014

This is my robot GRABB3R DRAGG3R he has the ability to grab objects, and pick them up if it is light enough. If it is too heavy he will grab the object and drag it back to you. he is entirley remote control, with a secret surprise. Upon pressing the biggest button on the remote, or the button to turn of the infrared beacon, GRABB3R DRAGG3R will swing his two claws shut,(see picture 3) try to lift up whatever he grabbed, and will drive the quickest route back to you (he really drives to the infrared beacon)

The GAM3 CONSOL3 Building Instructions are finally here! Just follow the simple step-by-step instructions! Remember to check out my GAM3 CONSOL3 post, my OSCILLOSCOP3 post, and my GAM3 TIM3R post!



Uploaded 7/31/2014

the basic tri-blade on it's side, I'll add video as soon as the batteries are finished charging, but meanwhile, here's a pic. Built for battle. Abilities: Remote (channel 2) attack, Remote (channel 1) move, and inter-changeable weapons