Welcome to the MINDSTORMS Community!

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MINDSTORMS Community Standards

1. Treat Others With Respect

Remember to always treat others the way that you would like to be treated. Fans from all around the world participate in the LEGO.com community. As a result you will meet many people who may have different views, beliefs, experiences, and backgrounds. Please always be respectful of those differences and please do not preach your beliefs to others.

2. Keep It Clean

Although LEGO.com appeals to fans of all ages, our online community is primarily designed for children. This means that everything said and done here should be appropriate for an audience of our youngest fans. As examples of this you should never use or imply any content that contains curse words, personal insults, extreme violence, death, real life weapons, illegal activities, romantic connections between users, preaching, advertising, or anything else inappropriate for children.

3. Use Your Imagination

The LEGO.com community is a place where you can have fun and be creative! Try to always use your own creativity and imagination by making sure that you do not directly copy any content created by others.

4. Play Fair

To keep a community fun and friendly, all its users have to work together. You can help to do this by always playing fair and by sticking to the community and role play rules. This means no cheating, no hacking, and no over-powering in role plays. If you wouldn’t want another user to do it then neither should you.

5. Stay on Topic

The LEGO.com community is a place for fans to discuss all things LEGO! Since this is a LEGO community, discussions here should be LEGO related. So make sure that every topic you create is related to the LEGO Group in some way. Please also make sure that you post using the primary language of the board you are posting on (English on the English boards or German on the German boards). It is OK if conversations stray from discussing LEGO from time to time (like wishing a friend a happy vacation!). However, the general course of conversation should be on topic and relevant to LEGO and the specific forum you are posting in. Topics and discussions related to the message boards themselves and to your activities on them are also acceptable. Occasionally general chat topics like cafes and chat rooms may also be approved. Such chat topics will only be approved in special cases.

6. Keep it Spam Free

Repeating the same content over and over, posting with the sole intention of ranking up, or randomly posting nonsense is against the rules. If you want to say something twice (like sharing an idea in more than one topic), please make each separate post unique by changing the wording a bit. If you want to create your own spin on a topic that someone else has previously created, make sure to show that your topic is unique enough that it will not look like a duplicate. If you want to rank up, please do so over the course of your normal participation with a view toward the quality of what you write and not the quantity.

7. Stay Safe

The LEGO.com community is a very safe one. To help keep it that way, we do not allow community members to share personal details like full names, telephone numbers, home addresses, email addresses, IDs on other websites (especially social networks), etc. You can help us continue to make this a fun and safe place to be by never attempting to share your personal information and by never attempting to arrange meetings with other users in real life. Doing so could be potentially dangerous.

8. Be Yourself

The LEGO.com community is full of truly unique individuals. You can show your honesty and your own unique identity by always being yourself and never pretending to be another user, an administrator, a moderator, or a celebrity.

9. Stand Up For Yourself

LEGO.com community members are all very passionate and enthusiastic LEGO fans! That is what makes the community so much fun! Yet even in the LEGO.com community people can occasionally have disagreements. If you ever find yourself in a disagreement or feel that you are being offended in some way, take a break, think about the issue, and then try to work it out in a friendly way. If you need any extra help, please report your concern to the Moderators who will be happy to help.