What is MindScore?

Every time you visit or interact in the LEGO MINDSTORMS Community, whilst logged in with your LEGO ID, you earn points – we call this your MindScore. The higher the MindScore, the more of a MINDSTORMS expert you appear to other community members.

What can I do to get MindScore points?

Each time you upload a Robot to your profile and your Robot is rated by members of the MINDSTORMS Community, you’ll pick up some MindScore points. Do I get anything for MindScore points? You get the recognition of your fellow MINDSTORMS Community members!

Do I have to be logged in to earn MindScore points?

Yes, in order to collect your points you’ll need to be logged in with your LEGO ID. Signing up is free, just click the “Sign Up” link at the top right of this page.