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i saw the robot you were talking about. i have the same suspension in my truck that i built check it out. great robot

That is a neat build! 4*

Thank you to whoever anonymously rated this 5 stars (:P)! I did check the video that I put on here - the quality doesn't seem that bad after all. Please follow, favourite and 5* if you liked this robot!

@I_can_try: Sorry, I can't do this because: 1. I have dismantled the robot to build something else. 2. The linear actuator is "buried" under a load of other stuff so it is inaccessible. But I can tell you that the end with the motor is positioned on the main chassis and the other end is connected to the sliding part of the front axle. I hope this helps!

Pretty cool! I thought I saw that arm somewhere... The extendable front axle is an interesting concept. I do have a question though, you said that the front axle extends to overcome obstacles, what kind of obstacles are you talking about?

@Battlebuilder345: You probably have seen the arm before - it is a USB robotic arm kit that is quite popular. As for the extendable front, the real vehicle uses it to climb steps, but it could be useful for any obstacle that needs a wider base - even a steep slope. The extension would make the robot harder to topple.

Very nice, but it seems like a lot of friction would be created while trying to turn. And it doesn't seem as stable as it should for offroading, but besides that good job!

Great job TheMindGarage! Your builds are very technical, I've noticed. All the features are awesome! Keep building! Rating: *****

There was quite a lot of friction when turning. A better way would be to have every wheel operated by its own motor, but that would be just too many motors - a total of 12 including the arm!

Thanks, DamonMM2000! I am usually better at mechanisms than looks. My next build will also be made for function rather than looks. I believe that functions are more important because it would be just like real industrial robots: ugly but funtional.

Nice! thats really cool! I have that arm. Cool robot! I have had the same problem with all of my videos.

Nice Job! I know that arm! Isn't it the OWI535 Robotic Arm Edge?

@golfboy71 I did compress the video down to about 3MB. Since most of it was still image instead of action, the quality didn't suffer much. I wish they would increase the limit - the only way to access the full HD version is through Youtube, and putting a link or even a mention of it was enough to get rejected. @avatarbrickman The arm is quite well-known and quite a few people have it.

I have the same robot arm! It sure was hard to assemble, but its very fun to pick things up with. I just wish that i could somehow control it with an NXT or EV3. Anyway, this project is awesome! I love the driving mechanisms and things! 5*

@niciscool9 I know. But even then, the arm has 5 motors and the EV3 brick has 4 motor ports. So two bricks would be needed, which is expensive, bulky and heavy.

now that is cool.

I've seen that robotic arm on amazon many times. Is it as good as the reviews say it is? BTW, can't wait to see what you come up with for my challenge!

@BeastMode8911 It's good, but if you try to make it rotate too far, the gearboxes make funny sounds. The safety gear is meant to protect the motor and other gears, but I'm not sure if it does.




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Greetings Community, I am back with my second robot! Some time ago, I saw a demonstration of the Remotec Cutlass bomb disposal vehicle, and I was given the suggestion to build something similar to it in MINDSTORMS. CUTLASS is a robotic bomb-disposal vehicle with eight motors. Three motors are in the vehicle, and they are LEGO Mindstorms motors. The other five are in the arm, and they are non-LEGO. In fact, the whole robotic arm is non-LEGO - I built it from a kit a few years ago and thought it would be a great addition to the robot! I know I could have made a LEGO robotic arm, but it would be much larger and need a second brick, as well as 5 more motors. And that would cost about least $300, so I didn't do that. So then, my robot has 6-wheel drive, suspension and a special feature: an extendable front axle. When the vehicle has to overcome an obstacle, the entire front axle can be shifted forward 5 studs by the Medium Motor. Best of all, the axle can still be driven through extendable driveshafts. Each Large motor powers one half of the wheels, so the vehicle can turn on the spot like a tank. If you haven't already done so, please check out my other robot, ST3ALTH. To learn more about the features, go to Additional Information. There is a video of this, but the quality isn't that good because I was limited to 5MB. I tried to post a link to the HD video, but it got rejected twice :-(. I have some more cool stuff planned, so keep your eyes peeled for future builds!

EV3 bomb disposal vehicle cutlass robotic robot arm 6WD suspension extendable actuator motors

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