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Can you please change the video to JPG please?

Yes I can. I'll have it fixed as soon as possible

wait, JPG is a picture format, not a video format. I'll try converting it to an MP4 video.

:D:D:D:D Thanks! I'm glad I finally saw this video, saved my day. Can't stop laughing :D:D:D:D I tried to upload an mp4, but it was rejected. It would be nice to know which formats are supported. wmv, avi, and mov for sure.

Wow, very fast running. Good job !!

@jazzaplot, yeah that would be good to know, but for now i'll just post random formats until it works.

@Audiultra, thanks

Wow, that's certainly faster than my bipeds. Nice work!

This is a outstanding work! to be able to make a biped go that fast! I have read in engineering magazines that the main difference of the bipeds of today and the ones of tomorrow is that ours can not run. (start moving with momentum.) I believe you have accomplished that feat. AMAZING!

@streamliners, it may be fast, but its still unstable XD

Thanks for fixing so much great robot!

LOL that first one cracked me up! Good job!

I fell sorry for the robot's accidents!

i have to say, this is the most comments i have ever received in one day. thanks guys

I love the star wars twist on it.

Another very cool walker!

Very cool, five stars!

to stop it falling over, add a long tail, like the Trex's, to counter-balance it

that balences it vertically, not horizontally

you posted 2 of the same videos! but its still very cool! 5*s

Awesome! PS. A JPG file is a type of camera like i use my 3ds for my videos cuz you can make them so long becuse its not a vary good looking camera and it uses JPG or i use my canon [Don't imagine a big fancy one] wich makes WMV [ and it looks Better! but the videos have to be a lot smaller] hope this helps!.

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Hey everyone! Some of you might have seen this project of mine already. I am re-posting it because some people are having trouble opening the video. I anyone still cant open the video, leave me a comment and ill try to fix it. For those of you who haven't seen this project yet, this is a working model of the Star Wars ATST walker. I made one slight modification though, my model runs, and face plants apparently. If you are lost when I say face plant, watch the video. But if you cant open the video then you have a problem. And you will never understand my humor. Unless you leave me a comment. The walking mechanism I designed for this robot is a basic, stretched out version of the simple four pivot walking mechanism I used in one of my previous projects that is appropriately called THE BEAST. Enjoy this project and I'm open to suggestions for my next one. Last but not least, I have to credit jazzaplot for reporting the video problem to me.

walker biped starwars star wars gun awesome car cool creative challenging new old republic mechanism cube pizza fish dog im bored so i is making phrases humanoid

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