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Nice! I like it a lot!!! Have fun on your vacation!!!

Nice Job! Do you like your Grand Prix Racer. What are the pros and cons on it? Thanks.

@ Builderdude35: Thanks Kyle!

@ MindedLegos: Thank you! I LOVE my LEGO® Technic Grand Prix Racer. PROS: It has a working V8 piston engine, steering, 4 wheel independent suspension, adjustable spoiler + engine cover, nice big tires, perfect compliment to the EV3 set, 30+ panels, etc. CONS: A little pricey, could use some more pieces, cool B model, no Power Functions, no B model paper instructions, REALLY HARD TO PUT EV3 INTO IT

Thanks for answering my question. Do you plane on 'EV3ifing' your Grand Prix Racer?

Of course! I am already planning it out for the future, but it will be hard. I might have to get rid of the working V8 piston engine to make room for the EV3 Brick. I'll probably start the project in March or April, after I build all the official models. It'll be a hard one, but well worth it.

Nice upgrade! Enjoy your vacation! rating:4****

@ funnyduck99: I encourage you to do so!

@ zachgregrodrick1: Thank you!

is grand prix racer ev3??? Have fun on vacation... Did you modify the program for the guitar???

@ rbstar: No, I didn't. The program is complex enough already.

nice wammy bar love it! rateing****

The whammy bar is untouched from Daniele Benedettelli's design.

Movie could use some work. Nice!!

I use Apple iMac, and for some reason, when I make a movie with iMovie and try to upload it (even when it's way smaller than 15MB) it rejects it. Any help would be appreciated.

Try uploading it with iPhoto instead or use the software that came with your camera to upload it. I hope this helps.

I'll try that after vacation. I'm leaving tomorrow. Thanks for the help! Check out my MB topic about vacation.

by the way i play electric guitar and its just like the fender strat its short for stratacaster any way awesome

You asked me a question about the Rally Sport's AWD wheels. Those wheels are the tallest LEGO makes. (Well, actually the ones on the Unimog are the same diameter.) PROS: They're great "street" tires, because they're tall and as a result, fast and smooth. They're also made of hard rubber, so they don't squish when you turn. CONS: They're thinner than slices of bologna, so grip suffers. Continued...

...Continued: You said you want off-road wheels? I recommend the wheels on the Unimog, because they're grippier and just as tall. But, if you're looking for racecar wheels, the Rally Sport's motorcycle wheels (that's essentially what they are) are my second favorite. My favorite wheel would be the Medium Truck Tires, used in all 3 ThunderSmarts, Terminal Velocity, etc. Where to buy: LegoEducation

Thanks! What about 4x4 crawler tires? Would those be better than the Unimog tires?

very very cool

I wonder wether I should ev3erize my lego technic crane? It will be VERY hard. Truth is I'm still making it!

you could use the medium motor to make it higher or LOWER or LOUD or quiter

The 4x4 Crawler tires and Unimog tires both fit on the same rim (or hub, whichever works better). The Unimog tires are grippier, but the Crawler tires are more maneuverable and have less rolling resistance. It's really just a matter of preference. Maybe you could try two of each; the grippy Unimog tires in back and the lower resistance crawler wheels up front. That'll be interesting.

have you seen my biplane v2?come and see it!

You're welcome for the help, funnyduck99.

@ Samonicle6: I encourage you to do so when you have plenty of time. It's a hard, difficult process of work.

Thanks for your suggestions, Builderdude35.

@ BenC98: I'll check it out ASAP. I've been on vacation solo the past month, so I haven't really been able to look at you guys' awesome robots.

Hey Damon, its great that your back from vacation. I hope you had fun. By the way, the Community wasn't the same without you.

Thanks! I do have a lot planned so I will do it a bit alter in time

@ funnyduck99: I just keep trying. I've failed too, and just decided to build something else.

@ MindedLegos: Thanks, I had fun. I heard from Lama-Mantis that someone copied me when I was gone. DamonMM2O00?!

Because (I think)nearly everyone think you're the top(maybe)builder of EV3 ages,most of peoples here is following you,including me!P.S.Mindedlegos was right,I feel the same...

…! I'm NOT the best EV3 builder; why does every keep thinking that? I mean, just 'cause I have the most MindScore doesn't necessarily make me the "best" builder. Please stop this nonsense. But I can understand why someone copied me. Oh well, I'll stop talking.

Nice guitar and interesting sound!

EL3CTRIC GUITAR is very fun to play with.




2 Favorites

Yes, earlier I said that EL3CTRIC GUITAR might be my last post before going on vacation. I got lucky with some extra time (and the fact that I can't bring MINDSTORMS® in my backpack on the plane for terrorist reasons, so myEL3CTRIC GUITAR will be dis-assembled and put in my suitcase); I hope the components don't break, or-I won't go there. OK… myEL3CTRIC GUITAR is a modified version of the official bonus model EL3CTRIC GUITAR by Daniele Benedettelli. It has been upgraded, and I like it. The second picture compares the Grand Prix Racer and myEL3CTRIC GUITAR lengthwise. The guitar stand has also been upgraded too. First of all, the obvious change is no slider. "WHY?!" you may ask. Well, it actually works without it! I just play it with my fingers, and it works fine. I've added some angular panels at the bottom corners that add to the shape of the guitar. The push-thingy that activates the notes has also been modified; it's larger at the end to push. Several white "fang" pieces have been replaced with the red ones. Other exterior adjustments have been made as well, like the "strings" modification. The top is different too, with the long panels replaced with the HF swords. I think it looks good, and even my dad became interested in it when I showed him. He plays it good (with his fingers). My NeXT post will most likely be RAC3 TRUCK and SPIK3R (during vacation). I'm going to miss a lot of you guys' creations, yet I hope you have fun and build cool robots!

LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robot official bonus model electric guitar my version modify upgrade

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