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This most be crazy if the mods are still rejecting RXC projects!

very well done 5*(im sorry it is at 2* right now:(

That's pretty awesome! I can see the fear on those Minifigures' faces as this thing marches through their city! Did you use wishbone suspension members in the legs? It looks like you did.

I wish you could upload a longer video. All I see is 9V slowly pushing a car with its foot. Maybe try uploading a more exciting scene. I still like the robot though overall. Is it difficult building with RCX and do you want NXT or EV3 or are you overall happy? ***

I wouldn't hurt to have an Ev3, but in term of building capabilities, I find older technic much more sturdy and useful. It is my first biped (this being the second version), which by the way, I really have no idea what wishbone suspension is (sorry), but anyway, I'm still a beginner at walkers. That's why it's not sturdy enough to support the RCX.

Great! like it very much! Keep up the great work

d&j its RCX NOT RXC

This reminds me of a time where I arranged a ton of little toy soldiers and other stuff everywhere, and then I sent a robot I built charging through them all, and then watched it turn around and attack even more of them. I felt like I was some stereotypical villain, and even considered twirling my still-developing mustache for a minute or two.

Funny, the mods reacted the same way with one of my EV3 robots STAIRCLIMB3R. Their reason was, "Sorry, but your project does not include a NXT in it. Only NXT robots are allowed on NXTLOG." I'm like, "ARE YOU BLIND?!"

OMG!!!!! RCX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i also have very old technic

It actually walks this time!

It is actually easier to build with old technic than with new. I have tonnes of old technic.

He Love's RCX

Wow! This is really cool!!! Imagine what you could do if you have a EV3 set.

cool and awesome

resembles a micro manager

now it EV3log and all mindstorms robots can be posted.

9v Town Destroyer



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Remember my "Slowest Biped Ever"? It evolved into what I'd consider a better biped. In the video, I set it out to smash my Lego town. Also, the touch sensors are just weight for balance. And again mods, THIS IS NOT NXTLog! I can use an RCX! Please reconsider this creation in the context that it is a part of the Mindstorms Community.

biped 9v motor RCX RCX 615633 destroyer

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