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Ahh, excellent! I've wondered if one can build Alpha Rex clone from the ev3 parts and maybe using the building instruction. It surely seems that it is possible, since you and D&J have done it with little tuning. Great work!

So, RCX Invertorbot next? Or how about a replica of the old 4v Lego train set that was controlled with a whistle.

one word and 5***** the word: A A A W W W E E E S S S O O O M M M E E E ! ! !

really good job on this! 5* Is this your own design or a copy from 1.0 Alpha Rex? Building and designing a biped is tough (it took me 3 and a half years of building with Lego to be able to design build my first biped, UB!)

i love it!

I luv it.

can you post a video?

I now have an EV3 set!! (from LEGO WORLD)

Awesome! Great job! Good luck in the competition!

Wow! Amazing idea building Alpha Rex with EV3! Also, congrats on recently passing 3000 with Mindscore. That's quite awesome! *****

Yep. You do have highest mindscore on the community . congrats!

I thought you were entering this in my challenge but it doesn't have a tag.

Good job! Really like it!

Great project! It replicates Alpha Rex quite nicely! Very detailed description also! Keep up the good work! five stars

This out of the box challenge has LOTS of NXT replicas of EV3 and lots of EV3 replicas of NXT.

Wow! Well done, it looks just like Alpha Rex 1.0, except cooler! Your descriptions are also very good & detailed. :D Also, I'm guessing that ALPHA R3X thinks that Spike looks kinda like SPIK3R.

Thanks jazzaplot, nano912, DaveAndJoe, lama-mantis, KnowsWhatNo1CaresBout, Builderdude35, DeeJayBee333, Boys1122, AREM2326, xeara, and everybody else for your compliments.

@ streamliners: Perhaps, I'm not sure what I'm building next. I'll be keeping ALPHA R3X for a little while before building something else.

@ DaveAndJoe: ALPHA R3X is partially copied from Alpha Rex 1.0, as the name suggests. For the legs, I used the instructions for NXT Resource Set model Humanoid (which is basically Alpha Rex) off of LEGO Education website. Everything else is mostly my own; I just used Alpha Rex's arms for reference. It was a challenging build, I have to admit. But it was fun too, as it took all-day to build him.

@ lama-mantis: I may post a video later, but as I've said before, I have limited space on my camera. Plus I'm working on an ALPHA R3X II right now. Plus I'm improving the walking mechanism and improving the leg-stabilization mechanism. Sorry, I didn't think of posting a video 'till you brought it to my notice. By the way, I'm glad you now have EV3!! (from LEGO WORLD)

@ DavidMBAFan: You're right. I forgot to add the tags. I just added them though (HumanoidINC and MCH). Thanks for reminding me!

@ xeara: You're pretty close. Anyone want to take another guess?

Also, if anyone noticed my error, the large motors control a 12-tooth gear that then turns a 36-tooth gear. The website won't let me edit the Additional Steps, so I'm telling you now.

@Damon: IDK what else there IS to guess. Spike and SPIK3R are the only two bots I recall that look alike. :P

Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much for tagging

awesome please put a lld file out there

spike and SPIK3R are really different, the only look a like is that they are both a scorpion.

@Lama-mantis: The point is that they are the only two Mindstorms bots (excluding Alpha Rex 1.0, 2.0, and EV3RSTORM) that actually bear a resemblance to one another. SPIK3R was obviously inspired by Spike, just look at their names.

@ DavidMBAFan11: You're welcome. I want to join your club now. How can I?

@ va520: I might, but my mom doesn't like me going on the computer often. And with this complex build, that would take a while. I might, but we'll see.

Oh yes, i also think that spike is an idea for SPIK3R. About SPIK3R: check my replica called SPIK2R!

I did, and it is cool. Also, congratulaions on winning GRAND PRIZE on 3XOTIC Challenge.

cool ten milion stars ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

please make building instruction........i wanna play that.....awsome

Sorry, I'm not able to make building instructions.

Maybe you can use ldd to make instructions?...

That's what I meant; I'm unable to create a LDD. I'm sorry.

very nice design, did you use the nxt alpha rex instructions?

I like it! (I favorite most "walking" or "unusual" bots).

@ adamgh2012: Partly; look at the above comments on more info about it. I've already answered that.


SO AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can you have a featured project?? Please answer!

@ lama-mantis: I'm not sure how it all works, but I'm guessing that featured robots show up based upon favorites, views, high rating, and comments.

Ok. Thanks for your quick answer!

just a question, I posted my first robot how long dose it take to post?

THAT IS COOL! How does it walk? Can you post the instructions?

@ adamgh2012: It depends on several factors: If you followed the guidelines, how big the project is, if you attached any files or videos, and how fast the moderators are. Currently, I think they are pretty slow (½ to 1 day maybe).

@ Xingyu1: You can find how ALPHA R3X walks in the Additional Information button on the right side of the webpage.

@ MINDSTORMS Community: I am now revealing what ALPHA R3X thinks about the picture of Spike (read about it in the last step of Additional Information). This is ALPHA R3X's response: "I'm going to be turn into that someday?!" Here is the logic behind his statement. ALPHA R3X, the featured robot (as of late October + November), is going to be destroyed and be turned into a replica of Spike soon. LOL

I love it!

finnaly a rival to ev3storm on treads

@ lukadug and eliottkenobi: Thank you.

This is the coolest robot I have seen (ev3 rocks!).

Wow, extremely cool!

Thanks, Mindstormsrock12! I think you're 12 and you have EV3? Lucky you, I got mine less than two months ago (I'm 13½).

That is so awesome!I can't wait til' I get my MINDSTORMS!:)

super cool! Can you also build the robogator.

@ 7grey: I may not soon, but I am planning to later.

Wow that is amazing! I really want to see how it walks. Did you use the same walking mechanism as the NXT 1.0 Alpha Rex?


Check: Second Lego League 3 Generations. It is a challengeto build a replica! Please tell this all your friends!

@ matthew_ng: Yes, I did. It's very similar.

@ lama-mantis: Sure do!

I really like your robot a lot!

@ LillDuong: Thank you.

Super :)

@ Kwon8429: Thank you.

mind=blown. can you post a video?

@ DCman5452: I'm sorry, but I'm unable to provide a video.

Heh. It's funny how people praise this thing as a godly creation, and I get it's like that simply because it's featured, but it's just Alpha Rex built with EV3. Not to say that this is a bad robot, it is NOWHERE NEAR bad.

Yeah, I know. I get what you mean.

honestly, I have nxt 2.0 and tried to build a replica of alpha rex 2.0, but, well, let's just keep it at the fact that even know I now exactly how the design worked it didn't work. let's just say ev3 is more like nxt 2.0. is it ok if I race you to build a spike replica? how many different pieces did you have to exchange for this robot?

also if you can come see my mechanism Omega


@ DavidMBAFan11: Sure, but I'm not likely to build a replica of Spike anytime soon; though I may change my mind. ALPHA R3X is made with only one EV3 set. ONLY. No other or extra pieces, only from EV3 set. I have seen it, and it's cool.

@ CaptainJack52: What does stoooky mean?

yah! awesome! I have 2.0 and recently built the alpha rex, and this looks almost exactly like the real thing! Great job!

Thank you, jasperwaldman. That was the purpose of ALPHA R3X: to look as close as possible to… WHAT?! No, this is a replica of the 1.0 version of Alpha Rex, not 2.0. But I guess it still looks similar, so thank you!

Today, ALPHA R3X is no longer Featured Project; ALPHA R3X III is!

Totally awesome, man! I'd love to build one of those. I know what Alpha Rex looks like and this is SO like it. Good job.

@ dyiajwebkinz: Thanks a lot!

make lego alpha rex 2.0

I will, don't worry… in 2014!

Good job Damonmm2000! The normal Alpha rex is not so cool.

Well, I'm not sure about that. I am pretty sure that the regular NXT Alpha Rex is cool too.

Great job! Are you thinking of making even more NXT replicas? Maybe RoboGat3r, or Shoot3r Bot?

Yes, I have been thinking of doing that!



Thank you guys so much.

Great replica of NXT 1.0! rating *****

how come i did not see this becouse this looks GREAT i was going to make a replica of the nxt 2.0 with the instructions for it but i need a touch sensor and a motor ]; still aweSOME!!

Thanks BenC98! This is definitely a cool robot! Also, thanks to you Samson. I knew you'd like it.


@ RexTheAlpha: Thank you! Happy to hear your thoughts.

@ funnyduck99: Good luck!

@ funnyduck99: Ah, never EV3R give up! Always strive to reach your goal! Once you start something, you should never give up.

cool! nice work!

Holy bricks... over 102 comments! Congratulations!

Hi, DamonMM2000. Could you tell me where can i get the instruction of this awesome robot? Hope you answer me soon. Tony




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Behold... the greatest EV3 replica of an official NXT set model is here-in the form of a humanoid! (No offense, DaveAndJoe, the builder of The EV3 Biped Omega Rex.) ALPHA R3X is an EV3 replica of Alpha Rex, the leader of LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 1.0. ALPHA R3X is nearly identical to Alpha Rex (except that ALPHA R3X is obviously EV3, not NXT). The walking mechanism is very similar to Alpha Rex 1.0's, and the arm-swaying mechanism also closely resembles that of Alpha Rex 1.0. The head does not turn by motor, but it can be moved around manually. To read more of the great details of ALPHA R3X, please continue reading Additional Information. THIS IS MADE WITH ONLY ONE 31313 EV3 SET.

outofthebox LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 replica official NXT Alpha Rex 1.0 HumanoidINC MCH TLL 2013 TLL123 sllreplica walkingbot

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