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funnyduck99: I currently don't have instructions.

Nice!!! *****+Favorite

Nice job

adding to favourites!

Nice!!! *****


Looks cool! 5*****+ favourite. The leg to hip attachment looks similar to the one on my stiff leg biped.

You will totally win!!! 4****

…Speechless… Rating: *****

Wow! I like your walking mechanism!

Wow! Now that's really cool!

This is epic!!! Moon+dancing=moondancing=cool!

The video makes no sense.


AWESOME! I knew you would get featured robot!

I think it needs to move back a little more. Just advice...

rbstar: I do wish the legs could move farther back, but due to the weight of the model and the complicated leg structure, the motors don't have enough power to make it any farther.

You're awesome. First robobird, then skid steer, and now this?! You probably get the most featured robots. Lucky you! This IS really awesome; good luck in the challenge!

mindedlegos you are tided with DamonMM2000 it the plane build off and COOL ROBOT 5 STARS

Love it!!! :D Rating: ***** +Favorite

DamonMM2000: Thanks for all your great comments and advice. Maybe we will both win a category of the Dance Bot Challenge!

If you make the motors move slower so they won't jerk is probably better; just saying. And also if you could add fixed wheel on the feet I think would make you robot move more smoothly.

hadidi1999: Your right it is be much smoother to slow down the motors, but when I did this the legs didn't have enough power or momentum to reach the touch sensor or make it back to the desired degrees. The idea for the wheel is very good, as a matter of fact, I put it into the original leg design but found it very unstable. Thanks for your interesting thoughts and insights.

Turn the legs around and...YOU HAVE A HUMANOID



mindstorms815: I don't know how to make a my block using the EV3 software, but with the NXT software go to the bottom of the programming blocks, where you will see two parallel blue bars in the bottom right. Click on those and you should see a new menu that has two option my blocks and web blocks. Choose my blocks and then place your desired blocks within the menu. When you're done, save it.

cool i want legomindstorms s product!

great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you now that MrLegocreater is my brother

cool great

nice *****


To me this is my favourite model EVER

Moon Walk Bot



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The Dance Bot challenge description suggested making a robot that does the Moonwalk. This inspired me to try but resulted in ALOT of trial and ERROR. Finally, I've created something that moves in a Moonwalk fashion but external upper support is needed to maintain its balance as can be seen in the video. There is one program for the leg movement and another for the arms. I hope you enjoy.

dancebot Mindstorms Moonwalk

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