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That's the most awesome robot i've saw, 5***** with a favourite.

Dudeā€¦ THAT IS JUST AWESOME SUPERB; no words can describe it. You've done it. I mean, playing cards?! WOW! Rating: ***** + Fav + Follow

That's awesome! Try to make it fully autonomous.

Extremely Awesome. The question is can you ever top it.

This is one of the best robots I have seen in a long time! I mean it, such a fantastic robot. Maybe you can try and make it function autonomously so it has a 'mind' of its own? I can't wait to see what you will come up with next. 5 Stars and a favorite from me.

that is amazing rating * * * * * +fav

I would like to make my robot function autonomously but my ultrasonic sensors don't work very well (they can't detect objects which are far from more than around 50cm). But I have not yet abandon the idea...

you should replace the legs with treads, it would give it more stability and most likely more speed.

That must have been the longest card game ever, but still, it is AAAMMMAZZZIIIIIIIINNNNNGG!!!!! 5* + favorite (I'm already following)

also, try to make his face look happier, he looks so angry with those eyebrows.

Awesomely epic! This has got to be one of the greatest robots I have ever seen!

Best Humanoid Robot I've ever saw! 5P+fav

I love humanoids!

SWEET!!!! I give it 5*****!!!!!

Thats Amazing

i'll try


I was thinking you should have put legs on your already awesome humanoid robot. Oh wait, you did! NXDave

that is the most :-great! i've ever saw!! -awesome! -cool!

i love it ***** and fav

Epic but has short legs How quickly dose it walk Hopefully faster than alpha Rex

@Dani3lgagliardi: he is not much faster than Alpha Rex (Have you seen the first video and the additional information ???)


WOW! you did a great job on this bot! quite possibly the best robot I have ever seen!!!

AWESOME! rating * * * * *

No ones built this robot awesome or MORESOME!

That is very Cool! I like it

This is totally awesome!!!!!!! Obviously 5 stars + fav.

Oh wow that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that totally awesome and good job man

That robot is totally awesome. Great chassis, superb motor control, and excellent design!!! I'm speechless...


AWESOME!!!!!!!! that is the coolest robot I ever seen

I agree with arem2326 that is epic


Cool man, that is the best robot I ever saw!!!!!!'!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like its realistic ness.

I'm very impressed. Great job!

nicely done !

Geez, How does he recognize hand signals!?! I give 5*****

Do you ever play card with it?

Let's see him beat me in checkers ;p

amazing so complex! now all it needs to do is play video games!!

Holy cow! This looks so incredible! THREE NXT BRICKS?! This looks like the most expensive and most awesome bot in the community! ***** + favorite!


So cool!!!

C4PO the best companion



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I'm back with my humanoid but this time I have added legs. So now, he is the best house companion. And since a companion without a name is not a companion, I named him C-4PO (because he is a new version of C-3PO ;-) ). He is 60cm high. I said he is a house companion because he can do things like playing cards or throwing the things we give him to the trashcan (by being remote controlled of course): you can see that in the videos. You can get the programs, more information and more videos in my previous posts about this robot.

human humanoid walkingbot legs entire motors companion arms makerfaire15 CharacterBot

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