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Great job!, i love the design of the flipper, i would never have though of that. my only question is: Did you get the name from where i think you did? :P

WOW!!!!!!!5 STARS+FAV.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! Good job!

Wow AREM2326! This is amazing! Great sumo! Lucky my SumoStorm3rr won't have to face Bombur. :P Rating: ***** + Favorite

I like the "mean" look.

@ megaboost1000: Thanks! He is named after Bombur from the Hobbit. @ Orlando 2k: Thanks! @ Jacob: Thanks! @Pleco2323: Thanks!

Cool, I like the build video!! P.S.:favorite

Awesome sumobot! I like how Bombur seems to be impenetrable..."if an opponent tries to plow Bombur from behind...he will move backwards in an attempt to push the opponent away". I can just see the other robots running around the ring saying "How do you stop this guy?!" Great job, and good luck! ;-)

Oh dear. This thing looks tough, we'll have to see who wins. Very well done AREM, 5 stars and a favorite from me.

Wow! Very nice compact and clear design! I fear for my Sumo Hunter:D 5P

Oh my.......

@ DamonMM200: Thanks! I worked very hard to make him look as intimidating as possible! Yeah SumoStorm3r would probably have a hard time pushing him around, but you never know he might find some weakness and exploit it!

@ creatore: thanks! @ MarsCrystalMan: thanks! My idea was that if Bombur had enough torque, he could beat any other robot in a direct pushing contest. So his main strategy no matter which way the opponent opponent approaches is to just push against it and shove it out of the ring.

@ NXTein: Wow, that is the first time you have sounded anything but confident about winning the contest! Corona will probably win because of his advanced program, but Bombur should still be pretty tough to beat! Thanks! @ audiultra: Thanks! @ BenC98: Thanks, assuming that was an "Oh my..." Of awe and possibly intimidation! :P

I'll have to brainstorm........

My entry is going to be doomed. :P Anyway, really nice, solid, sumobot! Good luck in the competition. :)

I am afraid that my entry is designed to take on bots like this one. Bombur will have no chance against Warrior, my sumo bot. Sadly I guess our bots will not face off. I could ask SO to just put our bots in a ring together...

@AREM. I don't know, by the looks of things, if they face each other, its going to be a tough fight. They both use similar tactics but Corona might have a slight edge because of the programming and the higher speed, but I don't know. It looks really tough.

I love this thing! Now I have some inspiration for my sumobot! Just wondering if the name is intended to be that of the fat dwarf from the hobbit, because (no offense) this robot does have that fat kind of look to it. *****

@ nxtstep101: Thanks! I can't wait to see your sumo! @ DaveAndJoe: Like I said Bombur has his weaknesses, so if Warrior exploits them he should stand a pretty good chance of winning! SO might let our bots compete with each other, I think he is letting Bombur face Corona, so he probably would let Bombur face Warrior too.

@ NXTein: I guess we will just have to wait and see! It should be interesting!

@ NXT 07: Thanks! Yes he is named after the fat dwarf. Bombur is one of my favorite dwarves from the hobbit and I thought the balloon tires made my sumo look a bit chunky, so I named him after Bombur!

@ Arem. Sorry I'm late in seeing this- it's been kind of a hectic week. :P I love how touch Bombur looks (I like the name too- it's fitting. :P). The gearing looks to give Bombur a lot of power, and the ramp looks very effective. I can tell right now that Ramps is doomed. :P (Continued...)

Clamps is also going to have a hard time, as he doesn't have a lot of pushing power, and grabbing onto Bombur isn't going to help. :P Good idea on using the second NXT Touch sensor. ;) Thanks for the video instructions. I think I have all the pieces I need, except for the two flame pieces attached to the EV3 brick. Never seen those before. :P And lastly, I liked how you put our 'figs at the end :)

@ Arem and Dave. Sure, if you want your bots to compete, I can probably do that. :)

@ SprinkleOtter: Thanks! I have tested Bombur quite extensively and he should be able to take just about anything Ramps and Clamps can dish out. The flame pieces on the EV3 brick are only for decoration so don't worry about them. If it isn't too much trouble I would really like Bombur to face DaveAndJoe's Warrior, it sounds like it will be quite a challenge! Thanks a lot! :)

@ AREM. Okay. :) No problem, as long as there aren't any pieces that I don't have. :)

@AREM2326 will you look at my new bot,flower?

@ Jacob: Sure! I will check it out right away!

This seems okay but does the wheels have rubber on them if the don't it will be unstable P.S. it looks cute with the ears.

@ willshev: Yeah, the wheels have rubber tires on them. Cute wasn't quite the reaction I was trying for with the horns/ears. :P but thanks anyway!

Very well designed robot! This bot is the one I had in mind when I designed my SumoBot, K3MOSAB3. I'm too late to compete, but if you get a chance, would you mind checking it out? I'd appreciate your thoughts. It has a few neat gadgets that I think you'll like.

WOW, this robot can be a winner sumo robot 2015

Where can I get the building instructions for this robot?

hello everyone, do you have this robot design instructions.

Awesome robot. Rookie questions.. What is the round piece ( big roll) at 0.16 sec mark? I do not have it in my EV3 kit. What do I call it? Are there PDF or designer build instructions available anywhere for this robot.

cool looking bot




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Hi everyone, AREM2326 here with my entry to Sprinkle Otter’s sumo challenge, introducing Bombur! Weighing in at roughly 2lbs 11oz, and measuring 10.25 inches long, 9.25 inches wide and 5.25 inches tall, he is below average size for a sumo. Do not be deceived by his small size though, this powerful robot can push over 3 times his own weight! His massive amount of torque coupled with his virtually unstoppable flipper make a formidable opponent for any sumo robot! To find out more about him just click “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” below!

EV3 sosumo SOSumo sumobot torque flipper bulldozer baloon tires sumo

Intelligent Brick Type:

  • 1 
    EV3 Brick
  • 0 
    NXT Brick
  • 0 
    RCX Brick


  • 1 
    EV3 Color
  • 1 
    EV3 Infrared
  • 1 
    EV3 Touch
  • 0 
    NXT Light
  • 0 
    NXT Sound
  • 0 
    NXT Ultrasonic
  • 1 
    NXT Touch
  • 0 
    RCX Light
  • 0 
    RCX Touch


  • 2 
    EV3 Large
  • 1 
    EV3 Medium
  • 0 
  • 0 

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