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I like it a lot! Good work!

Ok, we have real chickens, so I just couldn't pass this up! :D You did an amazing job with this! 5* and fav.


nice a robot chicken! :D

Chickens are the most awesome animals on earth (I've 2)! And this is one of the most awesome robotic animals on earth! Good job! 5 stars and favorite. {P.s. I can't open the first video. Can you try to fix that?}

Awesome! I like how it kind of waddles when it walks! It also seems like you put a lot of effort into programming it to respond to its environment which is great! Five stars + favorite + follow!

Cool, 5*

Awesome! Nice legs))) 5*

i like it!


@noseching: What's "rofl"?

Awesome! I don't understand though, how everyone knows how to make the legs come off the ground but me?

lama-mantis, maybe you can try to use other software to open the video(e.g. windows media player instead of media player classic. I have added some picture of the programs. Please accept the pictures as the program to enter the walkingbot competition because I cannot upload the program.

You may zoom in the picture to see the programs more clearer.

Ha! No wonder lama-mantis loves chickens. He says, "Oh my chickens"; it justs makes me laugh. Great animal! I like how it walks. Rating: *****

Can you post instroctions?

Amazing job, your dog is also top notch, I take it you would like to enter both models into my challenge?

I have chickens!!! % stars and fav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it's awesome I have chickens 5*+fav

the screw thing is called a worm gear




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CHIK3N can walk, turn, avoid the remote/IR Beacon and sleep when the color sensor detect dark. See more info in additional info.

walkingbot chicken two legged two legs animal robotic animal Char2k madewithmindstorms

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