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very good and i like it better then your original one a suggestion you could attach a long pole or something to make it like a vacuum cleaner i know that would take away the going around by itself aspect but just a suggestion

Great project it looks very well built! I like your use of track links.

Coolness Its AWESOME!


A Hitechnic IRSeeker V2 would make the project even better! Maybe it could return to a certain spot as its "base" when finished!


does it work automatically or manually? if automatically then please upload its program.....

can you send building instruction, please

This is great, and better than before.

Very cool! Reminds me of a robotic vacuum. Could you show details of the drivetrain? Did you use wheels?

Thanks for all your comments! First of all, I don´t have any building instructions, but just have a look on all the pictures i added. (@NXDave: please have a short look at the Additional Information button right under the description part) To akpa_robots: I often used it manually but i do have a programm. It works like this, it controles the color sensor, than the ultrasonic sensor and two touch.

i dont really understand what it does.!?

@lama-mantis This is the follower of my Home Robot v1, as the previous one, it is built to drive around without bumping into an obstacle while it is collecting the dust on the floor. It should look like these robots you can buy in the shops for doing this job.

Hey does anyone know how to customize the lego man on my display picture thing?

How does it move?

Great design! It actually reminds me of one of those robotic vacuums.

oh i understand it. I have see one of that robots in the store, and can your robot also detects the edge of the table, so it can turn back and cant fall? Maybe an idea for the v3!!!

@lama-mantis, cool idea!! It has a collorsensor at the bottom, maybe the programm could make it detect an edge of a table. It would probably be able to do so because the biggest weight (NXT-brick) is at the back of the robot, so it wouldn´t drop to early, but i havent tried this idea yet. @my100cats, it uses weels to movem look at the additional pictures!

you must place the color sensor more on the front of the robot, if you use the color sensor on the place where it now is, and if it detect the edge of the table, it falls because it must have a quicklier reaction. Maybe you can make it with one nxt2.0 kit, so we can build it?

Wow! I love it and stuff!

It's just a heptagon with wheels, the only think that would be cool about it would be the program but you didn't even show that. Also, there's no video so how am i supposed to know what it does. You don't even say what it does in the description. Overall, I'm giving this project one star.

Now THAT is awesome!

I'm also gonna make a cleaner! What kind is your: a vacuum cleaner or a cloth?

@ lama-mantis Sorry for my late reply, i didn´t have enough time in the last weeks to do someting cool mindstorm stuff. My robot just wipes away the dust with the cloth on the underside. Hope this helps


This is like the Robot Vacuums you can buy for a ridicules price! Rating: ****

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Hi! As promised there is the follower of my previous Home Robot. I made an Improvement in the Design and chanced a few small things in technology. I tried to make it as very flat, and now it is about 7cm high at the thickest spot. I think it was a very successful project, i like how similar it is to the real ones. I really hope you like it as much as my mum does!!

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