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Very cool project! A couple of things though: 1) Echolocation is used on a frequency that is barely if not at all audible to the human ear. Just because we cannot hear this noise does not mean the cannot make the noise, so the blind who use echolocation mimic this to the best of their ability, which is usually pretty well. 2) The Ultrasonic sensors work the exact same way! Nice job!

Wow, excellent job escarvajal! Please follow me back! :D

Very good idea! I used a similar system in my smartcane for the senior solutions challenge but with only one US sensor. Mounting the US sensors on glasses was brilliant! Good job!

To MS_robot: In the case of the blind I talk about, it uses eco location emiting a very audible noisy clicks!

That's excellent! How well does it work in practice?

To jazzaplot: It works very well. It is very easy to learn how it works and you can move in safety way in few minutes.

it is a nice idea! maybe you can make it to a big 'hat'?

To lama-mantis: I thing about the had (not big) option, but normally blind persons uses goggles and this is the reason why that particular option was chosen.

I made something like this once. I called it the RoboVisor. Almost nobody noticed it. :(

To KnowsWhatNo1CaresBout: After see your message I have looked your project. Maybe the problem is the picture, because it seems a robomov instead a hat or a kind of goggles ... ¿How it works?

Very good i love it



To mariaalejandraescalante: Gracias!

" " i am speachless

To BrennanRocksBB; Thanks!

Electronic goggle bat ears



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Some days ago I was seen in a magazine TV program a blind man who was able to cycling by the set, even overcame obstacles, through the echo location. To do so he emitting noisy clicks with his mouth, determining the distance from the objects calculated on the basis of the elapsing time until he receive the echo. Certainly it is a prodigious way to “see”, similar to that used by certain wildlife species like bats and cetaceans. However I could not help to think about the disadvantages of this method because, In contrast to ultrasonic sound from the above mentioned wildlife species, these clicks are, obviously, very loud. It is easy to imagine the state of nerves from the people who live with him, at home, at office or in any public space like, for example, a cinema. For this reason I think about the possibility to create an electronic equipment more near to the natural system from the wildlife species, based on ultrasonic sounds and that inform to the blind trough quiet vibrations, with the with the additional stereo “vision” advantage. The result is this goggle, equipped with two ultrasonic sensor in both sides, and connected to a CPU. Two servo connected also to this CPU, one at the left and the other at the right side, emit vibrations which a proportional frequency of the distance determined by the sensors. If the user prefers to use the ears, it can select the “audio” option, in which case it receive beeps which a proportional frequency of the distance determined by the sensors.

Blind ultrasonic goggle bat ears

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