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Exactly was I was planning on doing (but you beat me to it). Nice job anyway.

Very good


Das cool

youre taking a bit risk by putting that stuff in water

That's very intrepid of you to put the NXT that close to water, since LEGO is famous for not being waterproof. But anything that works on water, that's just plain radical!

@Wacky0000: He aint the first. :P

So coooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!

That is pretty cool!!

got the inspiration from a youtube yideo, eh?

I'll post video of it's working on YouTube (maybe) and will give you a browse

And actually I built it year ago and now I re build it to make my latest project robo fighter. But it will be only after New Year because I didn't have ev3 which I need for this robot and I am waiting for "Santa" to have it.😀😀😀

I didn't know that the NXT could float on a boat that is on water!

That is such a cool robot!

Nice ship!




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This is awesome robo made from nxt2.0 and city. It realy can work on water . In EV.2 It have ultrasonic sensor on its nose and in EV.2.2 it even make some sounds! (I was scariest when it first time touches water)

Robo ship

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