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Wow! That sure is a real improvement from the last one, not that I didn't like the last one though, I gave it five stars, like this one. Great job DamonMM2000!

Totally agreed. best one yet! Keep it up!

Sweet, especially the claws look really menacing now! This one doesn't have the same sympathetic feel like the earlier, it's more "I'm gonna take over the world!" style :) I don't think the fat laboratory coated R3X was bad at all, it was just different. Keep up the good work!

Thanks, DeeJayBee333 + DaveAndJoe! This is the last ALPHA R3X version for now.

Oops! I used the wrong LEGO ID! Anyway, thanks DeeJayBee333 and DaveAndJoe. LOL…

This certainly looks better. The claw-plate things look nice, though the plates on his legs seem to jut out a bit too much... other than that, it looks great.

I like it

I think it's beginning to look more like Ev3rstorm than Alpha Rex. I know you like the NXT, but I think you should just embrace the EV3 for what it is. Also, why do you need two usernames?

@ streamliners: godwithme72 is actually my parents LEGO ID. We use it to order Lego sets I otherwise couldn't with mine. In this case, we left the other username logged in; so when I got on to comment, I saw I was already logged in and assumed it was my account before it was too late. LOL, I still can't get over it…

For some weird reason I can't explain, I just don't like the hands. Maybe if you used the decoration plates AS the hands...

Outofthebox is over... who will win??????????????????

Who knows? I can't wait to see who won (which robot won is more like it).

will you post instructions

I like any standing robot. Nice!

I WILL WIN- Nah, I'll probably lose.


nice job

Alpha R3x should have a ball shooter on his hand on the next version!

@ T3AM-XTR3M3: Thanks! You've been very inactive lately; what's up? Also, when are you building UTAHRAPT3R or UT4HRAPTOR? Hope to see it soon!

@ funtion2002: I wouldn't be able to do that, because I've used all the motors (two large motors for walking, one medium motor for arm-swaying). Good suggestion though!

@Function2002: That would just make it EV3RSTORM without treads. -3-

Yeah, it actually would!

I'm jealous... look at the mindstorms gallery on this link. lego.com/en-us/createandshare/galleries?icmp=COUSCreateShareSL100Galleries

Wow! That's cool! I never knew that, but it's thrilling to know.

I tried to build - and i failed.

nice i like the walking mechanism

WOW! That's Awesome! 5 Stars!

Next week we get Alpha Rex II...

Keep up the good work, DamonMM2000! Keep holding the line of the most mindscore in the entire community!! Rating 5*****!!!!! I love it!!!!!

@ eliottkenobi, RoboGeek525, & zackgregrodrick1: Thank you. For details on the walking mechanism, look at ALPHA R3X in Additional Information.

@ DaveAndJoe: How funny, but I don't think so. Look at the majority of its comments…-:)

Nice idea with the IR beacon on its back!

@ Robominder: Thanks, I did that to replace the NXT light sensor that was supposed to be.

Nicely done Damonmm2000!!!!

Thanks Jacob.

I agree with DaveAndJoe.

You do? Well, thank you.

nice robot! :D

Thanks, big_legoman! Also, thanks for favoriting too!

Spectacular job!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it! Wish you could provide building instructions though. Rating: 5*****!! AMAZING AND JAW- DROPPING!

Thanks; I really appreciate it.


@ robomen2003: Yes, it is cool. Thanks!

Much better than the other one! It's much cooler and bad looking now.

Very nice! Rating: *****

@ Robospartan20: What do you mean by "bad looking"?

@ Codybuilds: Thanks for the 5 stars!

There we go! This is much better than Alpha R3x II. I like the hands and the sensors. I can even see the sensors in the hands. This is so cool. Maybe you could make a Alpha R3x IV

I can't right now, but maybe soon I'll make an EV3 replica of NXT Alpha Rex 2.0!

@DamonMM2000: This will still be remembered forever..

Thank you.

This bot looks like one of those easy going cool dudes. Well... the first one does.

You are the best!

Ha-ha, yeah, thanks guys.

Yo DamonMM2000 I think it is missing one thing..... but I can't figure it out.

Yo King-Exia, I can't figure it out either :P

Cool!!! You should try to to make an EV3STORM with NXT.

Awesome! Unbelievable! Incredible! Revolutionary! I LOVE IT!




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Due to the comments of ALPHA R3X II saying that ALPHA R3X II is "wonky," "fat," "weird," etc..., I've decided to tweak ALPHA R3X II so he wouldn't look "wonky," "fat," "weird," etc... The result is ALPHA R3X III. Note: All my ALPHA R3X versions are EV3 replicas of an official NXT model, Alpha Rex 1.0. ALPHA R3X III is skinnier than before. If you haven't seen any version of ALPHA R3X yet, please look at both previous versions first; this I strongly suggest. THIS IS MADE WITH ONLY ONE 31313 EV3 SET.

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