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You need a castor toward the front so the bottom doesn't scrape. Still great, and glad to see you back! Rating: ****

Nice! All the functions are great! 4****

Thank's guys, @DamonMM2000 in actually i tried to put the castors but that made it worse! i don't know why.

I still too bad in building the Vehicle's, I only make it really simple, don't know how to make it complex.

Did you use the IR ball?

@lukeshev Yes, you can see the program for the remote mode and the beacon mode in the project i posted.

amazing!!!!! I love the "soccer" ball idea, is the ball lego?

@ZooberEthan The beacon is LEGO sure but the plastic ball isn't, you can't make a ball out of LEGO i think.

Congratulations with winning the challenge!


@Lama-mantis Thank's, it feels good :)

@lukeshev Thank's, first time to me winning in a challenge :)

may I ev3 assembly instructions? it looks cool!


@christiaan1234 Thank's :) I'm sorry but i tore it apart long time ago and i didn't made any instructions.

Great Job! Is there instrux?

@AJ5254 Thank's, but i can't understand you, what is the "instrux"?

The "beacon" ball is great idea!




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Hello, After a LOOOOOOONG Time, here i am back with my latest robot, THE "SOCC3R BOT" in actually in the last 2 months it was the final exams and then i travelled to Istanbul in Vacation for the full summer so i will be not able to post a lot of robots, i built this robot few days ago but i wasn't able to post it, my story with the robot started with entering the community and then i saw the Soccer bot challenge and said why not entering it, I started building the robot and finished it in about a day. You are able to see that there is only 2 wheels in the robot, yes that what happen because i only have 3 motors and i used 2 motors for the movement and the last motor for the (Shooting-Handling Arm) it's an arm i designed for 2 functions : Shooting the ball and handling(Locking) the ball you can see the functions in the video which shows 3 clips : 1- Attacking 2- Penalty(Shooting) 3- The Handling(Locking) System. There is two modes for the robot : R3MOTE MOD3 - B3ACON MOD3. in the R3MOT3 MOD3 you control the robot by the remote normally but in the B3ACON MOD3 the robot will follow the IR ball which i made by only inserting the Beacon into a normal plastic ball, it works good. The gear ratio is 1:3 and that what makes the bot very fast(and that what it should be) because a slow player is not useful. That's it about the robot, i hope you liked it and please rate it and follow me, don't forget to check out my other robots, Thank's.

SoccerBot EV3

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