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There is no "more information" button. There IS an "additional information" button though. Should I click on it?

@mindstorm815 Thanks!

Wow, once again you've amazed us! 5* and a favorite. (One complaint - if you had made it like the ones at an arcade, the claw would purposely not pick up much stuff, if any at all :P)

@ belac856 Click on it! Thanks for pointing that out though I will try to fix it!


noisy xD

@ Samonicle6 Thanks! @ qlav Yeah, robots tend to be kind of noisy, especially if they have as many motors as this one!

that is a cool robot

Very well !

@ douglasjaymiller Thanks! I am more generous than whoever makes those games! :P But the amount of Lego pieces that it grabbed in the video was actually way above average. It normally grabs somewhere between zero and five pieces. When my mom tested it she only got one piece in three tries! Contrary to the how it appears in the video, it really is quite like the machines at arcades in that respect!

@ screecher488 Thanks!

again an awesome robot!

@ SuperEtendard Thanks!

@AREM2326: I would like to personally thank you for your contentious support.you always respond to other comments,and always find a good thing to say about a robot.it is a blessing to have you in the Community!---Jacob(that is my real name not mindstorm815)

@ lama-mantis Thanks! @ mindstorm815 Thanks, I just try to be a good influence and try to find the best in what people build! Should I call you mindstorm815 or Jacob?

5***** +1. It's a fantastic project!!

@AREM2326:I would prefer Jacob,but mindstorm815 will do to.

@AREM2326: do you know how to program a robot that calculates it's speed in a out door environment?

@ aleixmindstorms: Thanks!

Very well polished! You always do a great job!

@ Jacob: Ok, I am not sure that this will work but you can try it. I think you could make the EV3 count the rotations of the wheel and multiply that by the circumference of the tire, giving you the distance traveled. Then take that number and divide it by the time it took to travel that distance. I suppose if it continued to calculate this as it was moving it would give you the average speed!

I don't know what to say. Really. Okay, except maybe speechless-mous (yes, I just invented a new word…) Rating: *****

@ MindedLegos: Thanks! Your robots are amazing too!

Awesome! The technic components look very professional! 5P

@ DamonMM2000: Thanks! @ audiultra: Thanks!

@AREM2326: o.k. I will try it!

I wish I had enough pieces to finish off my claw machine properly.

@AREM2326: I am making a smart tank,do you have any ideas for a better sensor reading,better navigation etc...

@ RoBoTs9999: Yeah, yours does look a little unfinished, but it still is a great project! Running out of pieces happens to everybody eventually. I was going to encase the top this project completely to give it a more professional look but I ran out of blue bricks and had to settle for just the "CASTLE CLAW" sign.

@ Jacob: What sensors are you using, and what are you trying to navigate through/around? If you are using an ultrasonic sensor, mount it fairly low so the tank can see obstacles even if they aren't very tall. If you want the tank to follow a line on the ground you will need a light/color sensor mounted perpendicular to the ground.

favorite 5 stars :D

@AREM2326: I am using the ir and the color sensors.

Wow, that's gnarly. I like the castle theme and how it only gives you :0 seconds because of the loop. Also I really like how you were able to rig up the lights, very creative.

@ redblue70: Thanks! @ han-solo-ninja: Thanks!

@ Jacob: Ok, Just use what I said about the US sensor for the IR sensor assuming you are using it on proximity mode. What is the mission of the tank? Should it follow a line or programmed course or just roam around avoiding obstacles?

In case my COMMENT did not get to you I figured out something after my 1st COMMENT.

@ Jacob: Ok, I am glad you figured it out!

@AREM2326 I need a idea for a new bot,got anything?

@ Jacob: How about a robot pet of some sort? A robotic hamster would be very original! You could put a color sensor in his mouth and he would react differently depending on what color food you fed him! Otherwise you could make a sumo bot for SprinkleOtter's challenge. You would have to document it extremely well though because he has to be able to build it himself! I am working on my entry now!

@AREM2326 thanks!


Featured, that is great!

Not surprised on featured! Congrats!

That's funny, I too have been considering building an NXT claw game. Ya beat me to it. You did an awesome job on yours! Makes me realize I might not have enough parts to build one.

@ Jacob: You're welcome! @ mathmachene: Thanks! @ DamonMM2000: Yeah, it is! Getting featured is always an awesome surprise!


awesome! 5*****

@ bomber2014: Thanks!


cccccccccccccccccccccccccccoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool!

@ Zenzen2645: Thanks!

@ annna00: Thanks!

0.o.... LDD pls

Congrats on getting featured! This bot deserved it!

WOW! Very impressive! I like the Design! Definitely deserved to be featured!

@ woodgrove3: I am pretty sure if I tried to make an LDD for this it would crash my computer! :P I already disassembled this project though so an LDD is impossible to make at this point. @ DaveAndJoe: Thanks!

@ YOsh1y4: Thanks!

@AREM2326 could come see my lava rescue truck?

One word: WOW!

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's so cool

@ Jacob: Sure, I will check it out!

very awesome 5 ***** +fav

@ zevihartmanseeskin: Thanks! @ reynaev3: Thanks!



@ thebob4321: Thanks! @ Ronaldo5797: Thanks! @ teenytoucan: Thanks!


@ ihaveleakyspaceboots: Thanks!


EPIC!! 5***** and favourite.

@ annna00: Thanks! @ Ahmad_Alkhatib: Thanks!

so the people are the teddy bears?

@AREM2326,how old are you?

@ willshev: Yes, the minifigs are the prizes if that's what you mean. @ Jacob: I would rather not say exactly. Lets just say I am over halfway through my teenage years.

@AREM2326 o.k. you said you modified the mindstorms brick...That got me wonding how old you were.

@ Jacob: I am not near smart enough to modify the intelligent brick. I just experimented with making components that could be powered by the brick, such as the LEDs.

@AREM2326 o.k.

Nice game! 5 star *****+fav!

@ brainstorm456: Thanks!


@ FinleyKangaroo: Thanks!


a cool addition would be to make the NXT brick play some sort of carnival game music.

really cool!!! 5*

@ Theo7585: Thanks! @ littlejohn22: That is a good idea! I might do that if I make something like this again. @XX7890: Thanks!


1,000,000,000,000,000 STARS OUT OF FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!

Good job. I like it. Gave it 5 *****

The Castle Claw



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Hi everyone, AREM2326 here with my newest creation, the Castle Claw! This game is works much like those stuffed animal grabbing games you see at arcades and stores. To accomplish this it uses both the NXT and EV3! After you insert four tokens (nickels) and press the big shield button, you have 30 seconds to navigate the claw to the position you want it. When the time is up the claw lowers and grabs any Legos underneath it. Then it moves itself back to the starting position where it deposits the prize into the chute below! To learn more about this awesome invention just click 'additional information' below!

EV3 castle claw NXT arcade game grabber AREM2326 arcade game

Intelligent Brick Type:

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    EV3 Brick
  • 1 
    NXT Brick
  • 0 
    RCX Brick


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    EV3 Color
  • 1 
    EV3 Infrared
  • 1 
    EV3 Touch
  • 1 
    NXT Light
  • 0 
    NXT Sound
  • 0 
    NXT Ultrasonic
  • 1 
    NXT Touch
  • 0 
    RCX Light
  • 0 
    RCX Touch


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    EV3 Large
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    EV3 Medium
  • 3 
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