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Awesome. The use of the sound sensor is very good.

Thanks, mercedmike!

Very cool! I like how you used the sound sensor.

very cool!! five stars

Great work!! Using the sound sensor for voice recognition is very difficult! The design of the head is original and really cool! 5*!

inventator2002 and JimboZ02: Thank you!

Thanks, alesclar77! It was really hard to get the voice command program right.

That's so cool!!

MINDSTORMSmega: Thank you.

Nice! But surely if you can only control by volume, each command will have to be said in a different volume, and if you are too near or far from the robot, "stop" could be understood as "go". So do you just go by volume or does the sensor measure the volume over the duration of the command, building a profile? I would be interested to know. ****

TheMindGarage: Yes, it measures volume many times a second. The volume measurements of a command like "stop" would look something like 14, 18, 43, 49, 40, 8 and last around 1.5 seconds. "Go" would not only have a different length, but the sequence of volume measurements would be different as it is said differently. Good question, though.

I guess my cyclops was a piece of junk!

@ragingspike Wow! Crazy cool! Changing my rating to 5*, and favouriting!

Surge: Thanks! By the way, I just saw your cyclops and it was awesome.

TheMindGarage: Yeah, like I said, using the sound sensor to recognize different commands sounds simple but turns out to be really complicated. Thanks for the favorite!

This is pretty cool for a first humanoid, I used to build them a lot. I have found them such a pain in the neck that I do not spend much time on them anymore :). You might have better luck using arrays and comparison algorithms for you voice recognition system. I am doing a lot of vision processing stuff for SudokuStorm and I think I might try the same algorithms a little bit with sound. 5*

Wow, you've built another awesome robot! Worthy of MindTechnic ;) Rating: ***** + FAV

DaveAndJoe: Thanks for the advice! That could really improve my program. I thought about using arrays, but I could never really understand how they work, so I settled on using variables. There's about fifty of them in the program. :P

DamomMM2000: Thanks! That means a lot to me. :)

Amazing use of sound sensor!!!!!!!!! How do you build these things!!!!!!


Awesome! **********

can you build this with the lego 31313 set


I love it!!!!!!!!*****


How did you made it ????????????????? AWESOME

can you show me how to build this


Do you think it can record your voice and if the other people make that sound then use that recording for other people to use it if they have a recording machine well not necessarily,different people have different voices right?Okay let,s get to that later cause it's cool!!!!!!!!!!

How did you make it?How did you program it? I'll give you this many stars(********************) cause i really like it!!!

please be the first one to see my first project called "startoff projects"!!!

shyleaf36: Thanks!!!

cowrule: a lot of hard work. ;)

Ahaan100: I'd love to post instructions, but this has been dissembled for quite a while now...

thanks mindstorms8441, but unfortunately I just saw your comment right now, December 19, so I'm not the first to see your project :s


cheeseinthepie: Thanks a lot. :D

5 stars! so awesome!


That is one awesome robot! You should figure out how to make some instructions for it to upload online for anyone curious, I can't make it because I don't have enough motors but maybe make a Delta Bot JUNIOR using just the motors from the Ev3 Set That Comes with the instruction for TRACK3R and the IR Sensor/Beacon.

Wow!!!!😮😮😮😮😮 and by the way @ragingspike... how do the motors go up and down ? Does it have a medium motor moving them up ?

Are there Building instructions for the Dbot. I am a 92 ear old guy and not as experienced as you younger perople and need instructions to build this type of model. I congratulate you on designing such an interesting, attractive humanoid.

Very nice 5 *

Very good 5*

Sound sensor was nice.

I like it.

how many ev3 kits did you use???

what dose he do ragingspike ??????

This is one of the best mechs on the gallery!

D bot



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Hi, everyone! I'm back with the first in my humanoid series: D bot (Delta Bot). D bot is a biped capable of walking, turning, grabbing and holding objects with four Large Motors. He can also detect objects, follow the IR beacon, respond to different sequences of pushes on the touch sensor, and greatest of all, respond to voice commands. Belive it or not, D-Bot will respond to voice commands like "grab" "walk forward" "stop!" and "turn around". Sounds simple, right? Not really, because the sound sensor doesn't record frequency or wavelength, what makes "a" sound different from "b". It only measures volume, so that complicates matters quite a bit. Look in additional info for more on that. D bot's head and arms where partly inspired by Sprinkleotter's HSR1. Thanks for reading and see below for more information!

D bot Dbot D-bot mindstorms ev3 large motors walker humanoid biped robot step walk Delta bot DeltaBot ragingspike Raging Spike

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