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I see that this is a 2n'1 model of your BMW. :P How'd you get that long fiber-optic thing or whatever by the eyes? Rating: *****

(By the way, I love huskies.)

DamonMM2000: The fiber-optics came from a limited edition Exo-Force set called Bridge Walker and White Lightning. The fiber-optic cables came in many other Exo-Force sets.

That is awesome! I would love to see a video though. I am continually amazed by how all of your projects look so polished and complete with all the plating! Five stars + favorite!

@ DamonMM2000 Those fiber optic pieces came in the some of the Exo-Force sets back in 2006. They were connected to special light bricks and were used to make the Exo-Force weapons "power up".

Wow!! Nothing can beat this insane robot! I like to know a bit more of the walking system, maybe a video would be nice. Nontheless 5P +Fav

maybe Mindedlegos' future is a Mindstorms designer...*****

Very nice robot! 5* A video would give it 6* :P By the way, you know that you can program in the EV3 software for free, right? (Although you can't have the color sensor light up in the EV3 software any color, so maybe that's why you used NXT-G software). Another great design, great job! By the way, make sure to check out my Mobile Arm 2.

(cont.) It reminds me of Duke, an NXT Dog, by MSEP.

I'm so happy that my robot for the challenge isn't an animal! Your robot will beat all robotic animals! AMAZING!!!!!!

this is a futcher FEATURED ROBOT 5*****

That´s look very cool

I gotta favorite this…

It amazes me that you used only one NXT!

The winner of the challenge will probably be this husky!!! Rating:*****

Cool Rating:*****

Very nice. I really all the work you put into the design. While I really like this project, I was a bit disappointed that you didn't upload a video. I would really like to see how it works.

I just posted a video. Due to the nature of the table surface and the flex of Lego pieces, the hind legs don't grip very well.

Thanks for posting the video! The walking looks great! This is definitely going to win the walking bot challenge!

Awesome video; it walks very well!

That is SO awesome! How long have you been playing with lego?

Are you planning on getting ev3? You would be able to make awesome stuff with it!

dang bro im following you. you know, if you posted instructions on how to make these it would probably increase your popularity. and I'm suggesting that you make a few EV3 creations if possible.

Samonicle6: I've been playing with Lego since I can remember. I first started with Duplo and went up from there. I might get the EV3 in the future, but it is a bit expensive in comparison to the NXT.

This is just WOW. Very nice decorating; it looks quite realistic. The walking movement seems very fluid as well. Fantastic project!


My first lego set was a bionicle set and yeah... It kicked off to me liking almost all types of lego!


Impressive. I like the robot-animal flare. I doesn't look corny.

This is awesome! can you make a robot cat?

DavidMBAFan11: I could make a cat if I wanted to, but I have other projects that I am working on now.

I hope you win your 3rd award form the competitions!

Sorry, I meant to write "It" doesn't look corny.

THAT ROBOT IS AWESOME!!!!!! rating: * * * * *

WOW!!!! JUST WOW!!!!!

Wow! Awesome job!!


Must have instructions!!!!

This is amazing 5 stars!!!!




I love it! It's so cute! Make an LDD for it please please please!

thats awsom e

cool, it looks really big!

Awesome robot!!!!!!

that platform is?

Wow (i am speechless)

That looks amazing, my friend. huskies are one of my favs. and u even got the curly tail!!

*****, fav, and follow! This is so cool looking!


I LOVE IT!!!!! You have to make instructions. But what is RCX?

:O so cool


Robo Husky



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Robo Husky was built for the Walking Bot Challenge. His eyes light up and his legs move. For the eyes I used the NXT color sensor, and for the legs I used all three NXT motors. Two of the motors were used for the front legs in order to have enough power to lift the heavier side of the Husky. The third was used for the hind legs. Enjoy!

Walking bot husky white red light-up eyes walkingbot

Intelligent Brick Type:

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    EV3 Brick
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    NXT Brick
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    RCX Brick


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    EV3 Color
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    EV3 Infrared
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    EV3 Touch
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    NXT Light
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    NXT Sound
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    NXT Ultrasonic
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    NXT Touch
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    RCX Light
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    RCX Touch


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    EV3 Large
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    EV3 Medium
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