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I love LEGO pneumatic engines!!! More description on the engine please! 5*****

Did you have to modify the cylinders or valves to make the engine work? Because I didn't and it didnt work, or can't it be 3 or 2 cylinders. Or do you have to use the new valves (the type you used)?

Okay, I'm not so good at explaining things, but basically it's a doubled up 2-cylinder engine where there are 2 pairs of opposites hooked up in such a way that the tube to make a cylinder go out is combined with the tube to make its opposite go in to form one tube that is connected to the switch. The vice-versa of that combination is also connected the the other hole of the same switch. The second

pair of opposites is a quarter of a rotation offset from the first pair, and therefore, has to be hooked up to the other switch. It might help to look at the pictures to understand this.

And to answer your question, no, the parts are all original and unmodified ;) but yes, I think it helps to use the new dark grey switches, and no, you can use two cylinders or three (but three requires three switches).

Wow! That's incredible! I've never heard of a transmission in a pneumatic car!!! You should try a synchromesh transmission next time! Great job! Keep it up!

Excellent job streamliners! I don't own an RCX or pneumatics so your projects always amaze me! Awesome project! five stars!

Thanks. And what exactly is synchromesh?

Awesome! :D I love the pneumatic engine, and the remote that can run away on its own. :P Speaking of, did you ever program the remote to move on its own?

Actually, I tried to program it to find the car with infrared signals, but with RCX 172078 sort of hidden in the car, it couldn't get a reliable signal to RCX 615633 while it was on the ground. In other words there is a useless program that has RCX 615633 spin around until it recieves IR message=1 where it then goes straight until a touch sensor is pressed.

Awesome use of pneumatics! But you call that fast? It's as slow as a snail! Rating: ****

wooooow! great job! I wish I had pneumatics!

That has got to be one of the best ideas I have ever seen! The video makes it look really slow though. That isn't be top speed, is it? It sounds kind of loud.

Cool. Thanks for commenting on our laser ball gun.

Yeah, pneumatic cars are not exactly getaway cars.

first of all, this thing is really cool. i have a suggestion though. for you air supply, you should take a water bottle, fill it one quarter of the way, then put a chunk of dry ice in the bottle. this would give you impressive amounts of psi and your car will rocket. you smell what im cooking?

you might need new pipes though to withstand the increase in psi

oh, i love RCX! to bad i dont have it.

wow vary load cool!

Wow. That looks like it took years to build I see you are 1 in a handful of people to use not just RCX but RCX 1.0!

RCX Pneumatic Car Version 2



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This is my very best creation so far. It is Really Cool and eXtremely fast. First thing's first though, the parts list below is not very complete. There are also 2 RCX Rotation Sensors, 2 Power Functions Motors, 1 Power Functions Pair of Lights, 1 Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box and 2 RCX Lamp Bricks. With that said, I present to you, my RCX Pneumatic Car V2.0. It has basically everything except for suspension, and it is the fastest %100 unmodified Lego, automatically compressed pneumatic car I have ever seen. Click "Additional Information" to see anything and everything about this car. Also, this seriously needs a "Are you sure?" pop-up before deleting (that's what I get for using a mobile device).

pneumatic car RCX 615633 RCX 172028 RCX differential lights rack and pinion steering compressor RPM transmission TLL123 AUTO3

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