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COOL :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 STARS+FAV.

You are on a roll here!


Really nice design! I like the clear body and the movable hardtop! 5P

Nice!!! This is so fast! How can you do that?

A folding roof? WOW! Although the front wheels seem to stick out too far, I still like it! Rating: *****

You do a pretty good job at building cars!

hey MindedLegos,want to joyn my plane biuld-off you have time(3 days left)and you can enter thangs you tor a part!

Epically awesome!

Awesome! And it even has working headlights! Reminds me a little of a Plymouth Prowler.

MindedLegos:if you enter your fighter jet into my plane build off you get 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

mindstorms815: I tagged my Fighter Jet with 'plane' so I think I should be in, right?


hay damon thare are reel cars that have the wheels like that thay are cald hotrods anyway really nice job rate*****

Very neat project! Where did you get those wheels? - Thanks

NXT Retro Rod



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Once I completed my NXT Mini Roadster, I decided to make a different body for the original chassis. My NXT Retro Rod still uses the same frame as my NXT Mini Roadster, but with a slight modification to the steering making it faster than the previous steering. The new body has headlights as seen in the pictures and a manually movable hard top. All other specs have stayed the same from the previous chassis; and if you want to know more about the power train, chassis, or steering, check out my NXT Mini Roadster in "Additional Info". Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments below. Enjoy.

NXT MIndstorms Retro Rod Classic Convertible

Intelligent Brick Type:

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    EV3 Brick
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    NXT Brick
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    RCX Brick


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    EV3 Color
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    EV3 Infrared
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    EV3 Touch
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    NXT Light
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    NXT Sound
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    NXT Ultrasonic
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    NXT Touch
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    RCX Light
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    RCX Touch


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    EV3 Large
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    EV3 Medium
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