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Im not sure... Getting a 3* star means (at least for me) that the project was stupid.

errr mods can you reject that? I cinda wish I did not say that

Are other people having trouble getting onto the mindstorms site? I have to try and go into my history to access this site!!! And I can't view the current challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol D-and-J no 3 stars right now is a great project, 2 stars is a good project, 1 stars is an average project because of all the one-star ratings. Which of course means that 4 stars is critically endangered, and 5 stars is extinct. :P @Damon can I enter a penguin? (BTW I might not even make it just looking for ideas now)

DamonMM2000: How will you judge the 3XOTIC projects? Best, points system, public liking, etc.? Also, would I be able to enter a snake-like creature with three heads or does that not fall under reptile? Thanks.

and if you have give the rating another time to a robot that enter this challenge?

I have a few ideas churning in the deep sea of randomness (AKA My mind)....

I enter with my SPIK2R! What is the deadline?

A scorpion is valiant?

Are valiant a new vrsion of my turtlebot or my insectbot?

@ whenpenguinscanfly25: Unfortunately, I do not consider penguins as an exotic creature. I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

@ DeeJayBee333: I am judging them to my liking. If it ends up being a featured project, that plays a big role in winning too. And, yes, you can enter a snake-like creature with three heads; I accept that.

@ lama-mantis: If I already rated it, then let's say it's been rated early.

Also, I'm very sorry I forgot about the deadline. The deadline for now is October 22. It may change, but it's that just for now.

@ creatore: Yes; scorpions are valid.

Since the moderators continually refuse to publish my edit of the deadline, I will say so right here. THE DEADLINE IS OCTOBER 22... FOR NOW.

I will enter my baryonyx 2 upgrade

NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It said page not found when I tried to edit :(:(:(:( :(

Welp, time to enter. My entry is very... "exotic", in terms of creatures (I wouldn't even classify it as a creature, per se), but you'll recognize it once you see it.

@eliottkenobi To not get the page not found error when editing, unpublish your project before you edit it and then publish it again once you finished editing.

I was going to say to enter the Arch3rfish, but I just realized that DamonMM2000 built that! Silly me, but I guess you can enter your own creations into your own contests though.

@ streamliners: Well, even if I did, I wouldn't let it win; it just wouldn't be fair.

@Damon: Nope.

Can you stillenter the baryonyx 2 upgrade if you do not see the edit?

ok. I coming soon post a wall-e look-like, with special building instructions.

@ eliottkenobi: Yes, you can. Just keep trying to add the tag "3XOTIC". In the meanwhile, I'll try to remember to include your Baryonyx 2 upgrade.

@ lama-mantis: Okay, can't wait to see it!

it's now october 24, so when come the winners? Great Alpha r3x!

Today or tomorrow, I hope.

3XOTIC Challenge



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DEAR MODERATORS: PLEASE DO NOT REJECT THIS. I'M JUST EDITING MY PROJECT! >>> Finally, the 3XOTIC Challenge is here! Build an exotic creature with an EV3, NXT, or RCX! Qualifying exotic creatures would include any reptile (including dinosaurs) and creepy creatures like scorpions or spiders. If you would like to enter a robot into this challenge but not one of the creatures mentioned above, please ask me in the comments about it. I will decide and comment back. The robot pictured here is an exotic creature I've built myself; HAMM3RBUG V2. For more info regarding HAMM3RBUG V2, check out its profile. It is pretty creepy, and you may try to build him if you have no idea what to build. PLEASE NOTE: You must use the tag "3XOTIC" for your robot, or it will not be considered. DEADLINE: October 22, 2013. I will upload the winners on the same week. GRAND PRIZE: Rating ***** / 1ST PLACE: Rating ***** / 2ND PLACE: Rating **** / 3RD PLACE: **** Thank you for reading, and please participate. UPDATE: The winners have been announced! Please check out the profile of 3XOTIC Challenge Winners.


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