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That is amazing! I think this has a very good chance of winning! Five stars + favorite!

Wow! Very nice walking system! I was thinking of a similar robot, but I wasn't sure if the lifting motors could hold the weight of the NXT-parts. 5P+fav

Nice! So tell me, can you program the RCX from a computer, sort of like you would an EV3?

@jwrangler Yes, You program the RCX using your PC. You can use the LEGO software, but I use Bricx Command Center and a C like language called NQC. There is an "IR-Tower" you connect to your PC that will send the Program to the RCX.


It's AWESOME!! Cool! Amazing walking system!

Slow, but very effective! Great job, I hope you win!

cool, i love RCX

Thanks :-)

Dang! That's RCX? That's amazing! I didn't know that one RCX brick could support four motors though.

2 of them share one motor Port ;-)

Really sweet! PLus it's an RCX! I love RCX. Rating: *****

Nice robot!

Hey, you made honorable mentions. Congrats!

Large Hexapod



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The biggest advantage of walking robots is that they can move over terrain where wheels would fail, but this isn't the case for most Lego walking robots. My goal was to make a Lego walking robot that can move on difficult terrain. Unlike most other robots this hexapod has a flexible body, so it can lift it's feet very high, if it has to. But usually it doesn't lift it's feet very high for a faster walking speed. As you can see the body of the robot consists of 3 Parts: The center Part includes the RCX and 2 Motors to bend the body left and right. The other 2 Parts are identical except one of them holds the head they include one motor each to twist the body. I had to use touch sensors to get feedback from the RCX motors. The head includes a light sensor and sensible antennas. In the Video the walking looks a little strange because it has low friction on that surface. I planed to make an other smaller Walker for the challenge, but I was ill and I won't have time to do something within the deadline, so I will just enter this.

RCX hexapod walkingbot large Insect

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    RCX Brick


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    RCX Touch


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