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wow! that's great!

Fantastic work. Keep them coming!

The pictures look great! This is art! And I'm impressed by its simple design! 5Sts+fav+follow :D

EPIC, smart idea + simple design = THIS AWESOME ROBOT, 5***** and follow and favourite.

Great! Saw this last night; didn't have time to actually comment. This is just spectacular! Thanks for the LDD. I assume you own multiple EV3s?Awesome start in the Community! Keep your cool creations coming! Rating: ***** + Favorite


I have the large and small gears. 3 large, 8 or 12 small. The medium gears, well, that would be about 22.

Nice idea. Unfortunately WMV do not work on LInux.

Wow! that's amazing! I'm impressed how simple the program is!

Good design!

So cool I will make one!

DamonMM2000: The university I am teaching at purchased several Education sets, so this is my way to utilize it a bit. We do quite a lot of public presentations to promote the scientific research (mathematics in my case) and the plotter and the doodler are now the new part of the show.

the video doesn't work but it is great

dude, I'm speechless *****&Fav

O_O WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How did you get the accordian type thing to work?


OMG!!! Buildin instructions would be amazing!!!

I will build this when I finish what I'm doing in the EV3. If you want to built it download Lego digital designer then go to Downloadable Files below. Downloadable Files download the file that says DesignerFile.lxf then opened and then a message will appear and click yes. Then in the top of the application click building instructions. And you have the building instructions. ***** stars + favorites



It is so amazing :-)


awsome, I would build it for my graddoughter

Hi! Very nice!!! Can you send me the EV3 program please? Thank´s a lot.

So Cool *****+ favourite + follow!

slide a boxing glove over that and you got a boxer2000

That's insane

But awesome!

can i have a programmdownload??


HEY! This looks just a bit too much like Damonm2000's Doodl3r.

AWESOME made home ev3 Doodler


how do you build it

great one

can you make instructions? I WANNA MAKE IT!

that's awesome keep making those cool creations!!

so greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

no it actually is great ur the bomb


that´s great

by core set does he mean he using the educational v with the expansion pack because I have the home v please answer because I want to build it, it look amazing

Awwwsome! That would help out my drawings, BIG TIME! :D

Amazing!!!!!!! \(*o*)/

I'm impressed with the smoothness of the curves. I've been looking at various plotters, and they only seem able to draw straight lines. Many of them can't even draw straight lines very good. Would it be possible to draw other kinds of figures with this design by controlling the motors in more detail?

cool cool cool cool

I tried this out. It makes spectrographs i am pretty sure. Great build M8!


it's great how did u get this idea


It's great! I've tried it and it's fantastic! Rather simple plus very useful. I just love it!

This robot is awesome!

what it is?

what is it?

@messi0905 Uh...... Well He explained it really well it doodles or (draws.)@breberky 5*+fav+follow.




that thing is awsome

Could you upload the program ? Tha'l be pretty nice.


WOW !!! 5 stars + favorite !!!!

This robot is AMAZING!!! Keep it up. 5 stars and +1 favourite!

How does it work?

So is it one of those spirograph robots?

How do you program it?

nice job

This is amazing!

Very nice complexity from simplicity ! This also makes a good math/programming project: write code to plot the pen motion. It combines sin's and cos's (to get locations of the gear-connection points), distance formula and Pythagorean theorem (to get zig-zag extension), and mid-point formula and simple trig (similar triangles) to get location of the pen tip. Yup, the output looks the same !

nice! I like how you added instructions, which was very helpful for me and probably helped a lot of other people too! 5*****!

EV3 Doodler



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Hello, here we go with another small Lego drawing project. This time I call it EV3 Doodler. The build is very simple and full instructions are provided. I use the 45544 LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Core Set, but you should be able to build it with the 31313 Home set as well – you only need two large and two small gear wheels not provided in 31313. Also the program is very simple – just one instruction in fact: start both motors in Tank mode and add an endless loop to run it forever… Altering (or better setting) the direction and the speed of the motors will give you virtually endless combinations – each picture will be different. At the beginning you can try speed 100/98 (same direction of both motors) to get a "Trilobite" pattern or 50/-98 (opposite direction - negative value!) to get a "Wormhole" pattern. Each pattern takes about two minutes to complete. Please note the paper should not move under the pen – it must be either fixed to the table by small piece of tape or (if you sheets of paper are large enough) fixed by the Doodler itself. Please feel free to do any modifications you want, have fun and share your creations. Thank you. PS: Don't worry, the first plotter is still here. I did not disassemble it.

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