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hey r u making these on vacation?!?!?!?!?!


Why do you make so many utahraptors you have made 4 total utaraptor 1.0, utahraptor 2.0, utahraptor 3.0, and utahraptor beta. Why don't you make something different!!!!

because its fun and I usually find something new I can add and I will be making someting else soon

thanks again!!!!

maybe when the legs move the sickle claw could move up and down.

Good job T3AM-Xtr3M3! Of course, your Utahraptor keeps getting better and better by and by! Rating: *****

Hey, where's the video demonstration? I don't see it...

sorry I couldn't get thevideo to upload I will upload it when I get back from vacation because where I am the internet is pretty slow so it should be up by september 2nd

Hey whats a utahraptor

well earliel than thet forgot about the ev3

A utahraptor was a dinosaur that live in cretacious utah they were known for their sickle shaped claws and overwhelming speed (possibly that of a modern day cheetah). They were very smart grew to be 6-8 feet tall and 20+ feet long. They also had a great sense of smell and eyesight

boi u r bringing ur mindstorms on vacation?

Cool! Next time maybe think of some thing else

This and Utahraptor 2.0 seemed a bit too bulky to me. They're good bots in their own right, but Utahraptor 1.0 looked like a real Utahraptor the most, and just seemed more proportionate, in my opinion. Still, nice job.

yes xander, whats wrong with that?

I dont have words for this nice robot, so i just give it 5 stars. I hope this dinosaur dont die out by a meteor!

why did you use the tag 'like a boss'? It dont look likes a boss. It is a boss!

What exactly does it do?

It bites, walks, sees, chases, hunt, moves its arms, and shoots out its sickle claw

you should make the head move when the jaws snap. And when can you make the pyroraptor?

I'll make it as soon as I can

nothings wroung just wondering

hey T3AM


Wheen is utahraptor 4.0 coming?

It will come either if I get enough new ideas or when I get an ev3

Good,then just read my idea.

but I can't make it do that idon't have enough parts

Cool. I'm really excited about the EV3 Utahraptor! Maybe you should name the EV3 version UTAHRAPT3R.

WOW! Thanks moderators, my comment was publish immediately after I submitted it! Again, THANKS A LOT!

could be better but it is awesome.

Way to go! You're Utahraptor is already #1 top rated creation, which is very easy to believe!

I will probably call it UT4HR4PT0R

one word......AWESOME!

that stinks

Ich finde es gut bei dem ev3 weiter zu bauen. Ich bekomme auch einen ev3. viel glück beim bauen. (;

Viel Glück für Sie auch mit Ihrem ev3 lukasheinen2207 (good luck to you too with the ev3)

what did you and him say?

he was saying that it is a good Idea to make one as an ev3 and that he was getting an ev3 too

in german

Great job on this!


CAn you make a Spinosaur for me?

who ?

AWESOME! Thanks for giving me credit! Great improvement on your previous versions! :D

Dude this is AWESOME! This is the first one of your utahraptors I've seen because I've been off of NXT Log for a while. I'm going to go check out your other robots! Again AWESOME PROJECT



Thats so cool


congrats on being the featured robot on nxtlog! 5*s

This is the coolest robot I've ever seen!!!!

When are you building the EV3 version?

all I have to say is very Good Job!!!

Maybe you could be a bit more discript on what it was intended to do...

T3AM-XTR3M3, YOU ARE AWESOME! Do come build UT4HR4PT0R please.

Utahraptor Version 3.0



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bg2211 here, and this is URV 3.0!!! Now with 3 all new features and a video demonstration (or 2). Now I think I've covered every feature I can possibly give this sorry it took so long to get this uploaded I would have had it up yesterday but I never got around to it but thanks to my lazziness it now has an extra feature. I didn't post a program for this because I doubt many of you have the software or hardware for the EOPD sensor.

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